How to find out your tariff for a Megafon subscriber – several proven methods

Any SIM card will work only if one of the tariffs offered by the operator is connected to it.

Knowing what options and services are being used, you can plan your mobile communication costs. We have collected for you several ways that will help you find out all the information about the current tariff on Megafon.

How to find out which tariff is connected on Megafon

The operator 'Megafon' provides its users with several ways to find out the name and possibilities of the tariff. All of the methods described below are free, but some of them require an internet connection. You can find out the information you are interested in both from a phone or tablet, and from a computer.

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Using the USSD command

The fastest and most convenient way is to use USSD request. Go to dialing the number, write the combination 105 # and press the dial button. You will hear the voice of the answering machine. Go to your personal account by pressing button 1 on the keyboard, and then button 3 to get information about the tariff. You will hear the answer immediately, or it will come in the form of a message.

Executing a USSD command

We execute the command 105 # to go to the 'Megaphone' menu

Via modem

If you use a SIM card in the modem, just open the application that is automatically installed on the computer when the modem is first started, go to the 'Services' section and start executing the USSD command. Further actions are described in the previous paragraph.

Executing a USSD command in the modem program

Open the Megafon modem program and execute USSD commands

Short number support call

Calling 0505 from your mobile phone, you will hear the voice of an answering machine. Go to the first item by pressing button 1, then button 1 again. You will find yourself in the section dedicated to tariffs. You have a choice: press button 1 to listen to the information in voice format, or button 2 to receive information in the message.

Operator support call

If you want to talk to an operator, then call 8 (800) 550-05-00, which works throughout Russia. Personal data may be required to obtain information from the operator, so prepare your passport in advance. But keep in mind that sometimes you have to wait more than 10 minutes for the operator to respond.

Support call while in roaming

If you are abroad, contact technical support by calling +7 (921) 111–05–00. The conditions are the same: personal data may be required, and sometimes you have to wait more than 10 minutes for a response.

Contact support via SMS

You can contact support with the question of connected services and options via SMS by sending your question to 0500. No payment will be charged for a message sent to this number. The answer will come from the same number in the message format.

Using your personal account

After logging into the official website of Megafon, you will find yourself in your personal account. Find the 'Services' block, in it you will find the 'Tariff' line, which contains the name of your tariff plan. By clicking on this line, you will be taken to the detailed information.

Megafon personal account

Being in the personal account of the Megafon website, we learn information about the tariff

Through the app

Users of Android and IOS devices can install the MegaFon application from the Play Market or App Store for free.

  1. Having opened it, enter your username and password to enter your personal account. Authorization in the Megafon application

    We enter the personal account of the Megafon application

  2. In the 'Tariff, options, services' block, look for the lines 'My tariff' and click on it. Go to tariff information

    Go to the section 'My tariff'

  3. In the section that opens, you can find all the necessary information about the name of the tariff and its properties. Information about the tariff in the Megafon application

    Information about the tariff is presented in the section 'My tariff'

Carefully study the tariff connected to your SIM card. Keep track of the cost of messages, calls and internet traffic. Also, pay attention to additional features – perhaps some of them should be disabled.

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