How to find out your motherboard model

how-to-find-the-motherboard-model Hello.

Quite often, when working on a computer (or laptop), you need to find out the exact model and name of the motherboard. For example, this is required in cases of problems with drivers (the same problems with sound:

It's good if you still have documents after the purchase (but most often either they are not there, or the model is not indicated in them). In general, there are several ways to find out the model of the computer motherboard:

  • with the help of specials. programs and utilities;
  • visually look at the board by opening the system unit;
  • on the command line (Windows 7, 8);
  • in Windows 7, 8 using the system utility.

Let's consider each of them in more detail.

Special program for viewing the characteristics of the PC (including the motherboard).

In general, there are dozens of such utilities (if not hundreds). It probably doesn't make much sense to dwell on each of them. I will give here several programs (the best in my humble opinion).

1) Speccy

More details about the program:

To find out the manufacturer and model of the motherboard, just go to the 'Motherboard' tab (this is on the left in the column, see the screenshot below).

specs mate board Speccy

By the way, the program is also convenient in that the board model can be immediately copied to the clipboard, and then inserted into a search engine and search for drivers for it (for example).


Official website:

One of the best programs for finding out any characteristics of a computer or laptop: temperature, information on any components, programs, etc. The list of displayed characteristics is simply amazing!

Cons: the program is paid, but there is a demo version.

AIDA64 Engineer - laptop motherboard model

AIDA64 Engineer: system manufacturer: Dell (Inspirion 3542 laptop model), laptop motherboard model: 'OkHNVP'.

Visual inspection of the motherboard

You can find out the model and manufacturer of the motherboard just by looking at it. Most boards are marked with the model and even the year of manufacture (an exception may be cheap Chinese versions, on which, if anything, it may not correspond to reality).

For example, take the popular motherboard manufacturer ASUS. On the 'ASUS Z97-K' model, approximately in the center of the board, there is a marking (it is almost impossible to confuse and download other drivers or B IOS for such a board).


Motherboard ASUS-Z97-K.

I took the manufacturer Gigabyte as a second example. On a relatively new board, there is also a marking in the middle about: 'GIGABYTE-G1.Sniper-Z97 ' (see screenshot below).


GIGABYTE-G1.Sniper-Z97 motherboard.

In principle, opening the system unit and looking at the markings is a matter of a few minutes. Here, problems can be with laptops, where to get to the motherboard is sometimes not so easy and you will have to disassemble almost the entire device. Nevertheless, the way of defining the model is almost infallible.

How to find out the motherboard model in the command line

To find out the model of the motherboard without any third-party programs at all, you can use the usual command line. This method works in modern OS Windows 7, 8 (I did not check it in Windows XP, but I think it should work).

How do I open a command prompt?

1. In Windows 7 you can through the 'Start' menu, or in the menu, enter the 'CMD' command and press Enter.

2. In Windows 8: the combination of Win + R buttons opens the execute menu, enter 'CMD' there and press Enter (screenshot below).

launching the command line.

Windows 8: run command line

Next, you need to enter two consecutive commands (after entering each, press Enter):

  • first: wmic baseboard get manufacturer;
  • second: wmic baseboard get product.

motherboard command line

Desktop computer: 'AsRock' motherboard, model – 'N68-VS3 UCC'.

_ Windows _ system32

DELL laptop: model mat. boards: 'OKHNVP'.

How to determine the mat model. boards in Windows 7, 8 without programs?

This is easy enough. Open the 'Run' window and enter the command: 'msinfo32' (without quotes).

To open the run window in Windows 8 press WIN + R (in Windows 7 can be found in the Start menu).

2015-05-17 10_39_55-Run

Next, in the window that opens, select the 'System Information' tab – all the necessary information will be presented: version Windows, laptop model and mat. boards, processor, B info IOS, etc.

2015-05-17 10_39_43-System Information

That's all for today. If you have something to add on the topic – I will be grateful. Good luck everyone …

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