How to find out your internal and external IP addresses of a computer?

ip-address Each computer on the network has its own unique IP address, which is a set of numbers. For example,, for us just numbers, and for a computer – a unique identifier on the network where the information came from, or where to send it.

Some computers on the network have permanent addresses, some receive them only when they connect to the network (such ip addresses are called dynamic). For example, you connected to the Internet, your PC was assigned an IP, you disconnected from the Internet, this IP has already become free and can be given to another user who has connected to the Internet.

How to find out the external IP address?

The external IP address is the IP that was assigned to you when you connected to the Internet, i.e. dynamic. Often, in many programs, games, etc., to get started, you need to specify the IP address of the computer to connect to. Therefore, finding out your computer address is a rather popular task …

1) It is enough to go to the service All information will be displayed in the center in the window.

2014-01-18 16_20_35-Find out the IP address

2) Another service: http: //

2014-01-18 16_21_13-Your IP address.  Find out the IP address, determine the IP address, determine your IP

3) Very detailed information about your connection: http: //

2014-01-18 16_21_25-Yandex.Internetometer - your IP address and Internet connection speed

By the way, if you want to hide your IP address, for example, you could have been blocked on some resource, just turn on the turbo mode in the Opera browser or Yandex browser.

How to find out the internal IP?

Internal IP address is the address assigned to your computer on the local network. Even if your local network consists of the minimum number of computers.

There are several ways to find out the internal IP address, but we will consider the most universal one. Open a command prompt. In Windows 8 move the mouse to the upper right corner and select the 'search' command, then enter 'command line' in the search box and run it. See the pictures below.

2014-01-18 12_06_57-Command line

Running command line in Windiws 8.

2014-01-18 12_05_23-Start Menu 2014-01-18 12_05_32-Start Menu

Now enter the command 'ipconfig / all' (without quotes) and press 'Enter'.

2014-01-18 12_08_54-Command line

You should have the following picture.

2014-01-18 12_09_19-Command line The mouse pointer in the screenshot points to the internal IP address:

By the way, about how to set up a wireless local area network with Wi-Fi at home, here's a small note: https: //

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