How to find a song by sound online

How to find a song by sound online Hello friends! Imagine that you came to a club, there was great music all evening, but no one could tell you the names of the songs. Or you've heard a great song in a YouTube video. Or a friend sent an amazing melody, about which we only know it is 'Unknown Artist – Track 3'.

In order not to hurt to tears, today I will tell you about the search for music by sound, both on a computer and without it.


  • 1. How to find a song by sound online
    • 1.1. Midomi
    • 1.2. Audi oTag
  • 2. Programs for music recognition
    • 2.1. Shazam
    • 2.2. SoundHound
    • 2.3. Magic MP3 Tagger
    • 2.4. Sound Search for Google Play
    • 2.5. Tunatic

1. How to find a song by sound online

So, how to find a song by sound online? Recognizing a song by sound online is now easier than ever – just start the online service and let it 'listen' to the song. This approach has a lot of advantages: you don't need to install something, because you already have a browser, processing and recognition do not take up device resources, and the database itself can be replenished by users. Well, except that advertising inserts on sites will have to endure.

1.1. Midomi

The official website is, a powerful service that allows you to find a song by sound online, even if you sing it yourself. Accurate hitting of notes is not required! The search is carried out on the same records of other portal users. You can record a sound example for a composition right on the site – that is, teach the service to recognize it.


• advanced search algorithm for composition; • recognition of music online through a microphone; • it is not required to hit the notes; • the database is constantly updated by users; • there is a text search; • minimum of advertising on the resource.


• uses flash-insert for recognition; • you need to allow access to the microphone and camera; • for rare songs, you may be the first to try to sing – then the search will not work; • no Russian interface.

Here's how to use it:

1. On the main page of the service, click the search button.

How to find a song by sound online

2. A window will appear asking for access to the microphone and camera – allow use.

How to find a song by sound online

3. When the timer starts ticking, hum. The longer the fragment, the greater the chance of recognition. The service recommends from 10 seconds, maximum 30 seconds. The result appears in a couple of moments. My attempts to catch up with Freddie Mercury were determined with 100% accuracy.

How to find a song by sound online

4. If the service did not find anything, it will show a repentant page with tips: check the microphone, hum for a long time, preferably without music in the background, or even record your own example of humming.

How to find a song by sound online

5. And this is how the microphone test is performed: select a microphone from the list and sing anything for 5 seconds, then the recording will be played. If the sound is heard – everything is fine, click 'Save settings', if not – try to select another item in the list.

How to find a song by sound online

Also, the service constantly replenishes the database with samples of songs from registered users through the Studio section (there is a link to it in the site header). If you want – select one of the popular songs or enter a title, and then write down a sample. The authors of the best samples (by which the song will be determined more accurately) are included in the Midomi Star list.

How to find a song by sound online

This service does an excellent job of identifying a song. Plus the wow effect: you can hum something only vaguely similar and still get the result.

1.2. Audi oTag

The official site is This service is more demanding: no need to hum, please upload the file. But what kind of song online is easy to determine for him – the field for entering a link to an audio file is located just below.


• file recognition; • recognition by URL (you can specify the file address on the network); • there is a Russian-language version; • Supports different file formats; • works with different recording duration and quality; • free.


• you cannot hum (but you can slip a recording with your attempts); • you need to prove that you are not a camel (not a robot); • recognizes slowly and not always; • you cannot add a track to the service database; • there are many advertisements on the page.

The usage algorithm is as follows:

1. On the main page, click 'Browse' and select a file from your computer, then click 'Upload'. Or specify the address to the file located on the network.

How to find a song by sound online

2. Confirm that you are human.

How to find a song by sound online

3. Get results if the song is popular enough. The options and the percentage of similarity to the downloaded file will be indicated.

How to find a song by sound online

Despite the fact that from my collection the service identified 1 track out of three tested (yes, rare music), in this most correctly recognized case it found the real name of the song, and not the one indicated in the file tag. So the overall score is a solid '4'. An excellent service to find a song by sound online through a computer.

2. Programs for music recognition

Usually, programs differ from online services in the ability to work without an Internet connection. But not in this case. It is more convenient to store and quickly process information about live sound from a microphone on powerful servers. Therefore, most of the described applications still need a network connection to perform music recognition.

But in terms of ease of use, they are definitely among the leaders: you just need to press one button in the application and wait for the sound to be identified.

2.1. Shazam

Works on multiple platforms – there are apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. You can download Shazam online for a computer running macOS or Windows (minimum version 8) on the official website. Determines quite accurately, although sometimes he says directly: I did not understand anything, carry me closer to the sound source, I will try again. Lately, I've even heard friends say 'shazamnut' along with 'google'.

How to find a song by sound online


• support for different platforms (mobile, Windows 8, MacOS); • recognizes well even with noises; • convenient to use; • free; • there are social functions such as search and communication with those who like the same music, charts of popular songs; • supports smart watches; • is able to recognize TV programs and advertisements; • Tracks found can be purchased immediately through Shazam partners.


• without an Internet connection, it is only able to record a sample for further search; • no versions for Windows 7 and older OS (you can run it in the emulator Android ’a).

How to use:

1. Start the application. 2. Press the recognition button and move it to the sound source. 3. Wait for the result. If nothing was found, try again, sometimes the results are better for another fragment.

The program is easy to use, but it works well and offers an amazing number of possibilities. Perhaps this is the most convenient music search application today. Unless you can use Shazam online for a computer without downloading it.

2.2. SoundHound

An app similar to Shazam, sometimes even outperforming the competitor in recognition quality. The official site is


• works on a smartphone; • simple interface; • free.

Cons – you need an internet connection to work

Used similarly to Shazam. The recognition quality is decent, which is not surprising – after all, this program is supported by the Midomi resource.

2.3. Magic MP3 Tagger

This program does not just find the name and name of the artist – it allows you to automate the parsing of unrecognized files into folders while adding the correct tags to songs. True, only in the paid version: free use includes restrictions on batch processing. The major services freedb and MusicBrainz are used to identify songs.


• automatic filling of tags, including data about the album, year of release, etc .; • knows how to sort files and put them into folders according to the specified directory structure; • rules for renaming can be set; • finds duplicates of songs in the collection; • can work without an Internet connection, which greatly increases the speed; • if it is not found in the local database, it uses large online disk identification services; • simple interface; • there is a free version.


• Batch processing is limited in the free version; • palpable old-fashionedness.

How to use:

1. Install the program and the local database for it. 2. Indicate which files need to be tagged and renamed / decomposed into folders. 3. Start processing and watch how the collection is tidied up.

You won't be able to use the program to recognize a song by sound, this is not its profile.

2.4. Sound Search for Google Play

Android version 4 and above has a built-in song search widget. It can be dragged to the desktop for easy calling. The widget allows you to recognize the song online, without an Internet connection, nothing will work.


• no additional programs are needed; • recognizes with high accuracy (it's Google!); • quick; • free.


• not in older OS versions; • available exclusively for Android; • may confuse the original track and its remixes.

Using the widget is easy:

1. Start the widget. 2. Let your smartphone listen to the song. 3. Wait for the result of the determination.

Directly on the phone, only a 'cast' of the song is taken, and the recognition itself takes place on powerful Google servers. The result is shown after a couple of seconds, sometimes you need to wait a little longer. An identified track can be purchased immediately.

2.5. Tunatic

In 2005, Tunatic could be a breakthrough. Now it remains for him to be content with the neighborhood with more successful projects.


• works with microphone and line-in; • simple; • free.


• modest base, little classical music; • from Russian-speaking performers, mainly those who can be found on foreign sites are available; • the program is not developing, it is hopelessly stuck in beta status.

The principle of operation is similar to other programs: they turned on, gave the track to listen to, if they were successful they got its name and artist.

With these services, apps and widgets, you can easily tell what song is playing, even from a short snippet of sound. Write in the comments which of the described options you like best and why. See you in the next articles!

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