How to enter Odnoklassniki if the page is blocked?

classmates-blocked Very often, cybercriminals infect users' computers with viruses that use social networks. Of course, they are not used in the literal sense. They play on the gullibility of users, supposedly, a social network, for example, Odnoklassniki, will not deal with divorces, and if he sees a message about the need to send SMS, then many send without hesitation …

In fact, the user who sent the SMS was not on the Odnoklassniki website, but on a special page, which only in its appearance very much resembled the famous social network.

And so … In this article, we will describe in detail what you need to do to enter Odnoklassniki if your PC was blocked by a virus.

1. Scanning your computer for viruses

The standard advice in this case: first of all, update the databases of your antivirus program and check your computer completely. If you do not have an antivirus, it is recommended to choose some free one, for example, the utility from Doctor Web: CureIT shows excellent results.

Perhaps the article on the best antiviruses of 2016 will be useful to you.

After you have checked your computer for viruses, I recommend that you also check for programs that distribute advertising, various malware. This can be done using special utilities such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free.

How to use such a program is described in the article about removing the webalta search engine from the browser.

After that, you can start restoring access to Odnoklassniki.

1.1 How Odnoklassniki is blocked

In most cases, the system hosts file is used. It is used by the OS in order to know which IP address it will request to open a particular site. Virus writers add the necessary lines of code to it, and thus when opening a social. networks – you end up on a third-party site or do not go anywhere at all (at best for you).

Further on this third-party site, you are informed that your page is temporarily blocked, and in order to unblock it, you need to provide your phone number, then send an SMS with a short number, and then you will receive a social unlock code. networks. If you buy into this, a certain amount of money will be removed from your phone … Well, you will not receive a password for access to Odnoklassniki. Therefore, do not send any SMS to any numbers!

2014-01-25 18_45_24-

A typical 'divorce' page that many users fall for.

2. Editing the system hosts file blocking access to Odnoklassniki

For editing, in most cases, we do not need anything except a regular notepad. Sometimes, a popular program like total commander is required.

2.1 Checking for hidden hosts files

Before you start editing the system hosts file, you need to make sure that it is alone in the system. It's just cunning viruses that hide a real file, and they give you a dummy – a simple text file in which everything seems to be fine …

1) First, enable the ability to see hidden files and folders, and hidden extensions for registered file types! How to do it in Windows 7, 8, you can read here: https: //

2) Next, go to the C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc folder. Look for a file called hosts, it should be one in an open folder. If you have two or more files, delete everything, leave only the one without the extension at all. See screenshot below.

2014-01-25 19_17_13-etc

2.2 Editing the Easy Way

Now you can start editing the hosts file directly. You open it with a regular notepad, through the explorer context menu.

2014-01-25 19_21_17- Next, you need to delete everything that comes after the line ' …' (without quotes). Attention! Very often, blank lines can be left, due to which you will not see lines with malicious code at the very bottom of the document. Therefore, scroll the mouse wheel to the end of the document and make sure there is nothing else in it!

2014-01-25 19_24_30-hosts - Notepad

Normal hosts file.

If you have lines with IP addresses opposite which are Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, etc. – delete them! See screenshot below.

I can't access the site classmates

Lines in the hosts file that prevent you from entering Odnoklassniki.

After that, save the document: the 'save' button or the combination 'Cntrl + S'. If the document has been saved, you can go to the point of blocking the file from changes. If you see an error, read the next subsection 2.3.

2.3 What to do if the hosts file cannot be saved

If you see such an error when trying to save the hosts file – it's okay, let's try to fix it. This happens due to the fact that this file is a system file and if you opened notepad not under the administrator, it does not have the rights to edit system files.

There are several ways to solve: use the total commander or Far Manager, run notepad under the administrator, use Notepad ++, etc.

In our example, we will use the total commander'om. Open the folder C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc. Next, select the hosts file and press the F4 button. This is the file edit button.

2014-01-25 19_33_11-Total Commander (x64) 8.01 - BurSoft

Notepad built into Total Commander should start, edit the file from unnecessary lines in it and save.

2014-01-25 19_33_31-AkelPad - [c__WINDOWS_system32_drivers_etc_hosts] If you can't save the file, you can use a bootable rescue disk or Live CD. How to do it is described in this article.

2.4 Locking the file from changes

Now we need to block the file from changes so that after restarting the computer it is not changed again by the virus (if it still remains on the PC).

The easiest way to do this is to put a read-only attribute on the file. Those. programs can see and read it, but change it – no!

To do this, right-click on the file and select 'properties'.

2014-01-25 19_38_32- Next, put a check mark in the read-only attributes and click OK. Everything! The file is more or less protected from most viruses.

2014-01-25 19_38_47-Hosts_Properties By the way, the file can be blocked by many popular antiviruses. If you have an antivirus with this function – use it at the same time!

2.5 Reboot

After all the changes, you need to restart your computer. Next, open the hosts file and see if unnecessary lines appear in it that prevent you from entering Odnoklassniki. If they are not there, you can open social. network.

Then be sure to go through the 'password recovery' procedure in social. networks.

3. Safety tips

1) Firstly, do not install programs from unpopular sites, unknown authors, etc. Also, various “Internet breakers”, “cracks” to popular utilities are not worth attention – they often have viruses of this kind built into them.

2) Secondly, very often, under the guise of updates for a flash player, updates are installed on your PC along with viruses. Therefore, install the flash player only from the official website. Read how to do this here.

3) Do not put a password in the social. the network is too short and easy-to-pick. Use different symbols, letters, numbers, use upper and lower case letters, etc. The more complex the password, the more reliable your stay in social networks. networks.

4) Do not use Odnoklassniki and other sites with personal passwords on other PCs, while somewhere at a party, at school, at work, etc., especially where not only you have access to a PC. Your password can easily be stolen!

5) Well, do not send your passwords and SMS by various kinds of spam messages, allegedly that you were blocked … Most likely, your PC just got infected with viruses.

That's all, have a good day everyone!

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