How to download torrent files to Android


Downloading files via torrent is one of the most convenient functions for fast data exchange. Most PC users use this option, but not everyone knows that torrenting is also available on mobile devices. To do this, you just need to download the corresponding application from Google Play.

How to download torrent files to Android

Torrent applications

The palm in the mobile segment is held by the same programs as on the computer.

One of the best is Utorrent. Its main advantages are the absence of restrictions on download speed and file size, as well as support by many torrent trackers.

Another popular application is BitTorrent, which gives users full control over the choice of files to download and flexible settings.

There is no particular difference between these two programs for an ordinary user, so you can choose any.

Permissions and settings

For correct operation, applications must be granted permission to access location information and device memory.

It is recommended to enable traffic saving in the settings of the torrent client so that the download is carried out only via Wi-Fi. This process requires a lot of traffic, and the torrent client not only downloads files, but also distributes them. It is better to set a limit on the number of active downloads and disable autostart, these actions will help to avoid freezing on the device.

It is important to exit the application correctly, otherwise its background work and traffic consumption will continue.

Where to download

How to download torrent files to Android

The download process is exactly the same as on a computer – you need to find the file you need with the extension “.torrent”. By default, torrents save data to your phone's internal storage.

But the folder where the download will take place can be selected independently. This is done in the settings. It is better to save files to SD card as they take up a lot of memory.

Install antivirus

The use of torrent trackers is associated with certain risks, because while downloading, you can stumble upon a malicious program. Therefore, all files must be scanned using antiviruses, of which there are a great many.

Some of the best are ESET, Avast, Dr. Web. You should also install a VPN service on your smartphone. This will not only ensure your anonymity on the Internet, but also significantly increase your security.

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