How to download music from VK to a computer or phone

How to download music from VK for free VKontakte is one of the most popular social networks. And we all know perfectly well why. After all, here you can exchange messages, watch videos and photos, both your own and your friends, as well as listen to audio recordings. But what if you want to save music to your computer or phone? After all, this function is not provided by the site developers.

Downloading music from VK is not at all difficult, the main thing is to follow the instructions and not be afraid. In this article, I will tell you about the ways that will help you get your favorite songs on the desired medium for free.

1. How to download music from VK to a computer?

Since now the rules for distributing copyright content are becoming more and more stricter, it becomes very difficult to download VKontakte. However, resourceful and kind people have several ways to get around. First, let's figure out how we want to get music out of a contact: online or using a special program.

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1.1 Download music from VK online

Everything is simple here. Now there are many Internet portals, such as Audilka, Audi o-vk and others, where you can download music from VK for free. You only need to go through a short authorization and open this site access to your page. Next, in the required field, enter a link to the audio recordings of the user from whom you are going to download. There is one inconvenient nuance in this method: some sites ask you to disable the ad blockers available in your browser, which can cause your computer to become infected.

To download music from Contact online for free and safely, there is another option. At the same time, you do everything yourself, without using third-party resources. If, for some reason, applications and resources that are intended for free download are blocked, then this method will still remain valid. Now I will show this diagram using the example of the two most popular browsers – Chrome and FireFox.

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1.2 Download music from VK using a browser extension

In order not to get lost in the wilds of the browser, it is easier to use special browser extensions that will help you quickly and free download music (and some videos) to your computer. All browsers have such a service – an app store. This is where all the useful programs live.

MusicSig for Vkontakte (Vkontakte)

A simple browser program that allows you to download music and videos, while choosing the track quality. Does not slow down the computer, does not install any extra add-ons. After installing MusicSig, a floppy disk icon will appear next to each audio recording – this is the download button. And under the search bar, you can select the desired size of the composition.

How to download music from VK to a computer or phone

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VK Downloader

A useful and simple program for downloading audio and video from VK for free and without ads.

How to download music from VK to a computer or phone

Download music from Vkontakte (

Stable application for downloading audio files. Unlike many other similar programs, this one saves the normal file name, and does not replace it with numbers or hieroglyphs. You will see a download button next to the play button. And when you hover over the song itself, you will see all the information about the file. You can also download audio not only from yourself and friends, but also from the walls of friends, groups, and even from the news feed.

How to download music from VK to a computer or phone


Also one of the popular download applications. Works only for Vkontakte. Of the undoubted advantages – downloading albums and entire playlists. VKSaver has no ads and is completely free.

How to download music from VK to a computer or phone

In fact, there are a lot of browser apps, and we've only looked at the most popular of them. Just choose the one you like best and fill your audio library.

1.3. Download music from VK using the program

If you are a person of the old school and do not trust newfangled tricks, there are several simple programs that can be downloaded directly to your personal computer and through them download music and videos.

My Music VK

A handy utility for working with your favorite Vkontakte with support for multiple languages. For example, you downloaded your entire playlist into this program, and then deleted something from it and changed the name of several songs. In order not to search for them manually in the My Music VK save folder, just click the 'Synchronize' button and the changes will be made to your files themselves.

How to download music from VK to a computer or phone


A small program with great functionality. It allows you to merge audio and video from such popular resources as RuTube, Vimeo, YouTube, Yandex, Odnoklassniki and others. In addition, the program has its own player, so you can preview all files. In order for the program to work, you just need to log in. Pay attention to where the files are downloaded. By default, this is 'Downloads' on the C drive, if you want to change this, then manually enter the desired path in the settings.

How to download music from VK to a computer or phone

2. Download music from VK to your phone for free

A computer is, of course, good, but we all try to be more mobile. Phones and tablets with Internet access are already the norm. However, running from cafes to cafes in search of Wi-Fi is somehow inconvenient, but it's easier to download your favorite melody to a USB flash drive into your gadget.

2.1. Download music from VK to Android

All applications for the operating system Android are available on Google Play. Let's consider popular applications. music

Light application for listening to audio from the site and Vkontakte. Works quickly and flawlessly, does not require financial investments to disable ads or unlock any secret functions.

How to download music from VK to a computer or phone

Download Music for Vkontakte

Another surviving application after updating our favorite resource. You can download both from your own page and wall, and from strangers, save to a folder on your mobile device, listen, share audio, and more.

How to download music from VK to a computer or phone

2.2. Download music from VK to iPhone

Applications for working with the company's products Apple can be found in the standard AppStore. Try not to download suspicious programs from strange sites. You will simply be tortured with advertising.

Music VK

An excellent choice for those who need to quickly, bypassing iTunes, download music to an iPhone or iPad. In addition to the aforementioned download, this application allows you to play tracks offline, create your own playlists, receive files from groups and playlists of friends. And the most 'cute' function here is the invisible mode in VK. And, of course, no one limits you in the number of downloads.

How to download music from VK to a computer or phone

This application has a free period of use for a period of one day, and then VK Music will most likely require payment.


A laconic and convenient program that became a prototype for many similar ones. What is its uniqueness? XMusic works not only with VK, but also with almost all other services. You only need to paste the link to the audio file in the search bar and download. You can download tracks either one by one or in folders. There is also a function to view and download videos.

How to download music from VK to a computer or phone

As you can see, you can download anything and from anywhere, there is nothing complicated about it. Just do not forget to check everything that you download to your computer with an antivirus to avoid unnecessary problems.

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