How to disable Defender Windows 10?

How to disable Defender Windows 10?Hello! Many users Windows 10 are faced with the problem of the need to disable the built-in antivirus. There are situations when you need to disable automatic virus protection for a while. For example, the Defender very often swears at the activator Windows 10 or hacked games.

Today I decided in this article to talk about how to disable Defender Windows 10 permanently. I would be glad to receive your comments and additions!

1. What is Defender Windows 10?

This program carries protective functions, warning your computer against malicious software. For the most part, Defender is an antivirus from the company Microsoft. It continues to perform its functions until another antivirus appears on the computer, since most of them turn off the 'native' protection of your computer. The ongoing research made it clear that Windows Defender has been improved, due to which, its functionality has become similar to that of other antivirus programs.

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If we compare which is better – Defender Windows 10 or antivirus, you need to understand that antiviruses are both free and paid, and the main difference is the degree of protection they provide. Compared to other free programs – Defender is not inferior, and as for paid programs, it is necessary to individually assess the levels of protection and other functions. The main reason for the need to disable the antivirus is that it prevents the installation of some applications and games, which causes discomfort to users. Below you will find information on how to disable the Defender Windows 10.

2. How to disable the defender Windows 10 for a while?

First you need to find the Defender settings. The technique is simple, I tell you step by step:

1. First of all, go to the 'Control Panel' (by right-clicking on the 'Start' menu and selecting the required section);

How to disable Defender Windows 10?

2. In the 'PC Parameter Settings' column go to 'Defender Windows':

How to disable Defender Windows 10?

3. When the program starts, it should display 'Your PC is protected', and if this message was not there, it means that there is one more anti-virus program on the computer, in addition to the defender.

How to disable Defender Windows 10?

4. Go to 'Defender Windows'. Path: Start / Settings / Update and Security. Then you need to deactivate the 'Real-time protection' function:

How to disable Defender Windows 10?

3. How to disable the defender Windows 10 permanently?

The above method will not work if you need to disable the defender Windows 10 permanently. It will stop working, but only for a certain time (usually no more than fifteen minutes). This will allow you to perform those actions that were blocked, for example, activating the application.

For more radical actions (if you want to turn it off permanently), there are two ways: using the local group policy editor or the registry editor. Remember that not all versions Windows 10 will work with the first item.

For the first way:

1. Call the 'Run' line using 'Win + R'. Then enter the value 'gpedit.msc' and confirm your actions; 2. Go to 'Computer Configuration', then 'Administrative Templates', 'Components Windows' and 'EndpointProtection';

How to disable Defender Windows 10?

3. The screenshot shows the 'Disable EndpointProtection' item: hover over it, double-click and set 'Enabled' for this item. Then we confirm the actions and exit (for reference, the function was previously called 'Turn off Windows Defender'); 4. The second method is registry-based. Using Win + R, we write in the value regedit; 5. We need to get in the registry to 'Windows Defender'. Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft;

How to disable Defender Windows 10?

6. For 'DisableAntiSpyware', select 1 or 0 (1 – off, 0 – on). If this item does not exist at all, you need to create it (in DWORD format); 7. Done. The defender has been disabled and restarting the program will show an error message.

4. Disabling the Defender on other versions Windows

For version Windows 8. 1 points to complete are much less. It is necessary:

1. Go to the 'Control Panel' and go to 'Defender Windows'; 2. Open 'Options' and look for 'Administrator':

How to disable Defender Windows 10?

3. We remove the checkbox from 'Enable application', after which a corresponding notification will appear.

5. How to enable Defender Windows 10?

Now you need to figure out how to enable the Defender Windows 10. There are also two methods, as in the previous paragraph, and the methods are based on similar actions. As for enabling the program, this is also an urgent problem, since users do not always disable it on their own: the use of programs that are designed to disable spyware also cause the defender to be disabled.

First way (using the local group policy editor):

1. Remember that for the 'Home version', this method will not work, because it simply does not have this editor; 2. Call the 'Run' menu ('Win + R'), enter the value of gpedit.msc, and then click 'OK'; 3. Directly in the menu itself (folders on the left), you need to get to 'EndpointProtection' (via Computer configuration and components Windows);

How to disable Defender Windows 10?

4. In the right menu there will be a line 'Disable EndpointProtection', double-click on it and specify 'Not configured' or 'Disabled'. You need to apply the settings; 5. In the EndpointProtection section, select the 'Disabled' ('Not configured') mode in the 'Disable real-time protection' column (Real-time protection). Apply settings; 6. For the changes to take effect, you must click 'Run' in the program menu.

Method two (using the registry editor):

1. Call the service 'Run' ('Win + R') and enter regedit. We confirm the transition; 2. In the menu on the left, find 'Windows Defender' (The path is the same as with shutdown using the registry); 3. Then find the 'DisableAntiSpyware' parameter in the menu (on the right side). If it is present, you should click on it twice and enter the value '0' (without quotes); 4. This section should have an additional subsection called Real-Time Protection. If it is present, you should also click on it twice and enter the value '0'; 5. Close the editor, go to the 'Defender Windows' program itself and click 'Enable'.

6. How to remove the defender Windows 10?

If, after all the points, you still get errors in the defender Windows 10 (error code 0x8050800c, etc.), you should call the Run menu (Win + R) and enter the value services.msc;

How to disable Defender Windows 10?

  • The column 'Defender Service Windows' should indicate that the service is enabled;
  • If there are various kinds of problems, you need to install FixWin 10, where in 'System Tools' use 'Repair Windows Defender';

How to disable Defender Windows 10?

  • Then check the OS system files for integrity;
  • If there are restore points Windows 10 – use them.

And finally, let's consider the option of how to permanently remove 'Defender Windows 10' from your computer.

1. First of all, you need to disable the defender program using one of the above methods (or install the 'Do not spy' program and select the 'Disable Windows Defender option, applying the changes);

How to disable Defender Windows 10?

2. After you have disabled it, you should restart your computer and install 'IObit Unlocker'; 3. The next step is to launch the IObit Unlocker program, where you should drag the folders with the protector; 4. In the 'Unblock' column, select 'Unblock and remove'. Confirm deletion; 5. It is necessary to execute this item with folders in 'Program Files X86' and 'Program Files'; 6. The program components have been removed from your computer.

I hope the information on how to disable windows 10 defender helped you.

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