How to disable automatic installation of drivers in Windows (for example Windows 10)

disable-install-drivers Good day.

Automatic installation of drivers in Windows (in Windows 7, 8, 10) for all hardware that is on the computer is, of course, good. On the other hand, sometimes there are cases when you need to use an old version of the driver (or just a specific one), but Windows forcibly updates it and does not allow using the desired one.

In this case, the most correct option is to disable automatic installation and install the required driver. In this short article, I wanted to show you how easy and simple it is to do (in just a few 'steps').

Method # 1 – disabling auto-installation of drivers in Windows 10

Step 1

First, press the key combination WIN + R – in the window that opens, enter the command gpedit.msc and then press Enter (see Fig. 1). If everything was done correctly, the 'Local Group Policy Editor' window should open.

Figure:  1.gredit.msc (Windows 10 - execute line)

Figure: 1.gpedit.msc (Windows 10 – execute line)


Next, carefully and in order, open the tabs along the following path:

Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / System / Device Installation / Device Installation Restriction

(tabs need to be expanded in the left sidebar).

Figure:  2.parameters for prohibiting the installation of drivers (requirement: not lower than Windows Vista)

Figure: 2. parameters for prohibiting the installation of drivers (requirement: not lower than Windows Vista).


In the branch that we opened in the previous step, there should be an option 'Prevent installation of devices not described by other policy settings'. Open it, select the 'Enabled' option (as in Fig. 3) and save the settings.

Figure:  3. Prohibiting the installation of devices

Figure: 3. Prohibition of the installation of devices.

Actually, after this, the drivers will no longer be installed on their own. If you want to do everything as before, just follow the reverse procedure described in STEP 1-3.

Now, by the way, if you connect any device to your computer, and then go to the device manager (Control Panel / Hardware and Sound / Device Manager), you will see that Windows does not install drivers on new devices, marking them with yellow exclamation marks (see Figure 4).

Figure:  4. Drivers are not installed ...

Figure: 4. Drivers are not installed …

Method number 2 – disabling auto-installation of new devices

You can also prohibit Windows from installing new drivers in another way …

First you need to open the control panel, then go to the 'System and Security' section, then open the 'System' link (as shown in Fig. 5).

Figure:  5. System and security

Figure: 5. System and security

Then on the left you need to select and open the link 'Advanced system settings' (see Fig. 6).

Figure:  6. System

Figure: 6. System

Next, you need to open the 'Hardware' tab and click on the 'Device installation settings' button in it (as in Fig. 6).

Figure:  7. Device installation parameters

Figure: 7. Device installation parameters

It remains only to switch the slider to the option 'No, the device may not work properly', then save the settings.

Figure:  8. OK - no new devices

Figure: 8. Prohibition of downloading applications from the manufacturer for devices.

Actually, that's all.

This way, you can quickly and easily disable automatic updates in Windows 10. I will be very grateful for the additions to the article. All the best ?

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