How to delete autorun.inf file from USB stick?

s131 In general, there is nothing criminal in the autorun.inf file – it is intended so that the operating system Windows can automatically launch this or that program. Thereby, to make life much easier for the user, especially for a beginner.

Unfortunately, this file is often used by viruses. If your computer has become infected with a similar virus, then you may not even go to one or another flash drive or disk partition. In this article, we will try to figure out how you can delete the autorun.inf file and get rid of the virus.

1. Method number 1

1) The first thing to do is download one of the antiviruses (if you don't have one) and check the entire computer, including the USB flash drive. By the way, the anti-virus program Dr.Web Cureit shows good results (moreover, it does not need to be installed).

2) Download the special Unlocker utility (link to description). It can be used to delete any file that cannot be deleted normally.

3) If the file cannot be deleted, try booting your computer in Safe Mode. If successful, then delete suspicious files, including autorun.inf.

4) After deleting suspicious files, install some modern antivirus and fully scan your computer again.

2. Method of struggle number 2

1) Go to the task manager 'Cntrl + Alt + Del' (sometimes, the task manager may not be available, then use method # 1 or remove the virus using the rescue disk).

2014-04-04 07_57_06-Task Manager

2) We close all unnecessary and suspicious processes. We leave only:

explorer.exe taskmgr.exe ctfmon.exe

– delete processes only those that are running on behalf of the user, processes marked on behalf of SYSTEM – leave.

3) We remove all unnecessary from startup. For information on how to do this, see this article. By the way, you can turn off almost everything!

4) After rebooting, you can try to delete the file using 'Total Commander'. By the way, the virus prohibits seeing hidden files, but in Commandor'e this can be easily bypassed – just click on the 'show hidden and system files' button in the menu. See the picture below.

2014-04-04 08_02_26-Total Commander (x64) 8.01 - BurSoft

5) In order not to experience problems with such a virus in the future, I recommend installing some kind of antivirus. By the way, good results are shown by the USB Disk Security program, designed specifically to protect flash drives from such an infection.

3. Removing autorun.inf using the rescue disk

In general, of course, the rescue disk must be made in advance, so that in which case it is. But you can't foresee everything in advance, especially if you are just getting to know the computer …

Learn more about Emergency Live CDs …

1) First you need a CD / DVD or USB stick.

2) Next, you need to download a disk image with the system. These discs are usually called Live. Those. thanks to them, you can boot an operating system from a CD / DVD disk, almost the same in terms of capabilities as if it were booted from your hard disk.

3) In a loaded operating system from a Live CD, we should be able to easily delete the autorun file and many others. Be careful, when you boot from such a disk, you can delete absolutely any files, including system ones.

4) After removing all suspicious files, install antivirus and check your PC completely.

4. Another way to remove autorun using AVZ antivirus

Very good antivirus program AVZ (You can download it here. By the way, we already mentioned it in the article about removing viruses). With it, you can check your computer and all media (including flash drives) for viruses, as well as check the system for vulnerabilities and fix them!

For information on how to scan your computer for viruses using AVZ, see this article.

Here we will touch on how to fix the vulnerability associated with Autorun.

1) Open the program and click on 'file / troubleshooting wizard'.

2014-04-04 08_32_08-Greenshot

2) A window should open in front of you, in which you can find all the system problems and settings that need to be fixed. You can immediately click on 'Start', the program by default selects the optimal search settings.

2014-04-04 08_32_15-Troubleshooting Wizard

3) We tick off all the items that the program recommends to us. As you can see, there is also 'permission to autorun from different media types' among them. It is advisable to disable autorun. Check the boxes and click 'fix reported problems'.

2014-04-04 08_32_24-Troubleshooting Wizard

5. Prevention and protection against autorun virus (Flash Guard)

Some antiviruses are not always able to reliably protect your computer from viruses that spread through flash drives. That is why such a wonderful utility as Flash Guard appeared.

This utility is able to completely block all attempts to infect your PC through Autorun. It easily blocks, even able to delete these files.

Below is a picture with the default settings of the program. Basically, they are enough to protect you from all the troubles associated with this file.


6. Conclusion

In the article, we examined several ways to remove the virus that is used to spread the flash drive and the autorun.inf file.

Himself at one time faced with this “infection”, when studying had to carry and use a flash drive on many computers (apparently some of them, or at least one, was infected). Therefore, from time to time, the flash drive was infected with a similar virus. But he created problems only for the first time, then an antivirus was installed and the launch of autorun files was disabled using the utility for protecting flash drives (see above).

Actually, that's all. By the way, do you know another way to remove such a virus?

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