How to delete a page on Odnoklassniki?

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How to delete a page on Odnoklassniki?Hello friends! Then the other day my grandmother called and asked me: 'Sasha, you are a programmer! Help me delete a page on Odnoklassniki. ' It turned out that some scammers had already offered this to granny as a paid service and wanted to 'spread' the old woman for 3000 rubles. That is why I decided to prepare an article on the topic: how to delete a page on Odnoklassniki.

I'll cover the most popular ways to delete an OK page. If you know other ways, write about it in the comments. I will be announcing a comment contest on the site very soon, with great prizes. Bookmark my blog, let's be friends. In the meantime, the answer to the main question of today 🙂

1. How to delete a page in Odnoklassniki from a computer?

How to delete a page in classmates from a computer. There are several main ways to delete a personal page on from a personal computer, including the traditional method recommended by the site administration.

1.1. Deleting a page using a URL

Doesn't work anymore, but some claim they did it! The old and once popular way to delete a personal page and profile on a social network, without any manipulation and entering the menu, using a simple link and an individual user ID number (his page number) is as follows:

1. It is necessary to enter the site in the usual manner, logging in under your name and password;

How to delete a page on Odnoklassniki?

2. Go to your profile page. To do this, you need to click on your first and last name:

How to delete a page on Odnoklassniki?

Find the ID number in the upper address bar of the browser – the number of the personal page and copy it. It looks like ' ..';

How to delete a page on Odnoklassniki?

Or go to the settings —https: // and a link to the profile will be indicated there:

How to delete a page on Odnoklassniki?

3. Скопировать следующую запись &st.layer.cmd=PopLayerDeleteUserProfile, вставить ее в строку ввода запроса и добавить в конце скопированный ранее номер;

4. Press 'Enter'. If you land on a page that does not exist, then the deletion was successful.

UPD. This method was prohibited by the administration of the service due to the fact that this method allows you to delete a page on Odnoklassniki forever without the possibility of restoring it, which is unacceptable from the point of view of the growth and development of a social network.

1.2. Removal through the Terms of Service

This method of deleting a page in Odnoklassniki can be called standard, as it is recommended by the official administration of the social network.

1. In the usual way, enter your username and password, log in to the system and go to the main home page;

2. Scroll with the mouse wheel to the very bottom of the page and find the item 'Regulations' in the extreme right column;

How to delete a page on Odnoklassniki?

3. After clicking on the 'Regulations' a long license agreement comes out, which we simply scroll down to the very end;

4. At the very bottom there will be an item 'Refuse services', click on it with the mouse, select one of the proposed reasons for deleting the page. You can choose any of the 5 proposed reasons (you are not satisfied with the design and prices, the profile was hacked, creating a new profile, switching to another social network), or write your reason in the comments;

How to delete a page on Odnoklassniki?

How to delete a page on Odnoklassniki?

5. Next, enter the password for the page and confirm the deletion by ticking the 'Delete forever' item;

6. Done! Your page has been deleted, but it can be restored for another 90 days.

1.3. How to delete a page if you forgot your password

Many users of the Odnoklassniki social network are interested in the question of whether it is possible to delete a page on Odnoklassniki if the password is forgotten, there is no access to mail and an associated mobile phone. The answer is yes you can! There are two ways.

Method 1: You need to contact the technical support service of the site using any other page with the requirements for password and login recovery. The technical support service is obliged in this case to meet halfway. However, the procedure can take weeks, and restoring access may require clear photographs of the identity document and other personal information requested by the support employee.

Method 2: You can ask your friends and acquaintances in droves to start scribbling complaints on this page, because of its fictitious activity and sending spam. In this case, the site administration will permanently block the specified account.

Well, or the simplest option in this case is to restore the page and delete it later through the regulations:

How to delete a page on Odnoklassniki?

1.4. How to delete a dead person's page

How to delete a page in classmates permanently if its owner died? The administration of the Odnoklassniki social network does not have access to the current database of deceased people, so it continues to maintain their personal pages, considering them still alive and causing confusion among the relatives and friends of the deceased.

You can solve this misunderstanding by contacting the technical support service. It may be necessary to provide personal data of the deceased, such as: passport, death certificate, etc.

You can also delete the page yourself, for this we follow the instructions for the 'Forgotten password' item.

2. How to delete a page in Odnoklassniki from your phone

Currently, the site does not provide its customers with the possibility of deleting their personal page through the mobile version of the '' site or through the official mobile application in order to protect users from all sorts of fraudsters who may gain access to their mobile phone.

How to delete a page on Odnoklassniki?

Before deleting your old page on Odnoklassniki through the mobile version of the site, you will need to go to the full version of the page by opening it in the browser of your mobile device.

How to delete a page on Odnoklassniki?

You can do it like this: by scrolling through the page to the very beginning and selecting the appropriate items: 'Regulations', 'Refuse services', 'Delete forever'.

2.1. Removing the official app in iOS and Android

How to delete a page on Odnoklassniki from the phone after all personal information has been deleted? To uninstall the 'OK' app on Android smartphones, the following procedure is required:

1. Go to the device settings and find the 'Applications' section in them; 2. We find the official application 'OK' in the highlighted list of programs; 3. Next, we do the following procedures: press 'stop', 'clear cache', 'erase data' and 'delete'. This order is important, because after deleting the application itself, its components may remain on the phone, clogging up the device's memory.

Compared to the operating system Android, it is much easier to uninstall the 'OK' app in ios:

1. Hold the 'OK' application icon with your finger and wait for it to move; 2. Next, confirm the deletion by clicking the cross; 3. Done, the application has been successfully uninstalled.

3.How to recover a deleted page in Odnoklassniki

Deleting a personal page on Odnoklassniki often causes the loss of important information, or a person develops a strong addiction to communication on social networks and without his deleted page he becomes simply bored. Deleted data can be restored, but only on the following conditions:

  • If 3 months (90 days) have not passed since the date of deletion;
  • A valid and current phone number is attached to the page.

To bring the page back to life requires:

  1. Go to the 'Registration' tab;
  2. Enter the linked phone number in the registration form;
  3. Restore access following the instructions.

The profile will no longer be able to be restored if it was previously hacked and stolen by hackers. Before deleting a page in classmates completely, you should think about the consequences of this action, because many personal data: photos, audio files, notes and messages can no longer be restored, and they will be lost forever.

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