How to cut a segment from a video? Easy and fast!

best windows 10 codecs Good afternoon.

Working with video is one of the most popular tasks, especially recently (and the power of the PC has grown for processing photos and videos, and the camcorders themselves have become available to a wide range of users).

In this short article, I want to consider how you can quickly and easily cut out the fragments you like from a video file. Well, for example, such a task often appears when you make a presentation or just your own video from various cuts.

And so, let's get started.

How to cut a segment from a video

To begin with, I want to say a little theory. In general, video is distributed in various formats, the most popular of them are: AVI, MPEG, WMV, MKV. Each format has its own characteristics (we will not consider this within the framework of this article). When you cut a fragment from a video, many programs will convert the original format to another and save the resulting file to your disk.

Converting from one format to another is a rather lengthy process (depending on the power of your PC, the original video quality, the format into which you are converting). But there are video utilities that will not convert the video, but will simply save the fragment you cut to your hard drive. I will show the work in one of them a little below …


An important point! To work with video files, you will need codecs. If there is no codec package on your computer (or Windows starts to show up with errors) – I recommend installing one of the following sets: windows-7-8 /.


Boilsoft Video Splitter

Official website:

Figure:  1. Boilsoft Video Splitter - main program window

Figure: 1. Boilsoft Video Splitter – main program window

A very convenient and simple utility for cutting any fragment you like from a video. The utility is paid (perhaps this is its only drawback). By the way, the free version allows you to cut out fragments, the duration of which does not exceed 2 minutes.

Let's consider in order how to cut a fragment from a video in this program.

1) The first thing we do is open the desired video and set the initial mark (see Fig. 2). By the way, note that the start time of the cut fragment will appear in the options menu.

2015-08-23 07_47_57-Fragment start

Figure: 2. Put a mark on the beginning of the fragment

2) Next, we find the end of the fragment and mark it (see Fig. 3). We also have the end time of the fragment in the options (I apologize for the tautology).

2015-08-23 07_48_21-End of fragment

Figure: 3. End of fragment

3) Press the 'Run' button.

Figure:  4. Cut the video

Figure: 4. Cut the video

4) The fourth step is a very important point. The program will ask us how we want to work with the video:

– either leave its quality as it is (direct copying without processing, formats are supported: AVI, MPEG, VOB, MP4, MKV, WMV, etc.);

– either convert (this is useful if you want to lower the video quality, reduce the size of the resulting video, fragment).

In order for the fragment to be cut from the video quickly, you need to select the first option (direct streaming).

2015-08-23 07_48_59-without conversion

Figure: 5. Video split modes

5) Actually, that's it! After a few seconds, Video Splitter will finish its work and you will be able to evaluate the video quality.


That's all for me. I would be grateful for the additions on the topic of the article. Good luck ?

The article is completely revised on 23.08.2015

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