How to Crop Video Online Free and Fast

Good day, readers of my blog In this article, I will tell you about the five most popular online video cropping services. Video clips taken from more voluminous material are often used for preparing multimedia presentations, educational work, technical and commercial projects.

Today, you can trim video online using simple and effective online tools, without using special software. Which ones – we will consider in this article. So let's get started!

1. How to Crop Video Online: Top 5 Services

It is worth noting that most of the sites considered below, in addition to implementing their direct technical purpose, offer many more interesting additional opportunities, in the struggle for the user, more and more expanding the available option. Another nuance of using network video editors is that not all of them allow you to crop video online large sizes. Most of the free versions have restrictions on the amount of downloaded video materials – but in this case, a solution to the problem can be found using a set of additional options available for a nominal fee.

1.1. Online Video Cutter

Convenient Russian-language service, characterized by a simple and intuitive interface. The use is completely free. Please note that you need Adobe Flash Player to use this service.

The algorithm of work in this service is extremely simplified:

1. Go to the video editor's website;

2. Press the 'Open file' button. In addition to processing files uploaded from your computer, you can also work with network content (downloading files from Google Drive or a specific URL).

How to trim video online 3. Download the video file from your computer:

24. Select the desired segment of the video track, use special markers to set the cropping borders:

How to trim video online 5. Press the 'Cut' button. Before that you can select the desired file format (MP4, FLV, AVI, MGP or 3GP), as well as the quality;

6. Extract the resulting video file by clicking the Download button (you can also save it to the cloud – on Google Drive or Dropbox):

How to trim video online

The site has a limit for the uploaded video – its size should not exceed 500 megabytes.

1.2. Videotoolbox

The official website is A site that is fast and efficient, but you need to register before trimming the video.

How to trim video online

The site has an English-language interface, but navigation is intuitive and convenient. After creating an account, you can start directly working with files.

1. Click on the File Manager in the left column and upload the file from your computer – Select the file and click Upload. You can also specify the path to the video file on the Internet – paste the address into the window below and click Download. In this case, the file can be assigned a different name (for this, you must tick the box and specify the desired name.

How to trim video online

2. Next, perform simple operations to select and cut the required fragment. To do this, select the file you want to cut from the list and select 'Cut' / 'Split file' from the drop-down list. After that, by moving the sliders or specifying specific moments of the beginning and end of the desired segment, mark the points and click Cut the slice:

How to trim video online

3. The final stage of working with the file is uploading it to your computer, for which you need to specify the saving path in the appropriate window.


There is no visualization of the material on the site. Therefore, before starting work, using any media player, determine the exact timing of the video you need. Then you can specify it while working with the considered service.

1.3. Аnimoto

The official website is Convenient, well-designed service for creating films from a selection of photographic materials. Online video cropping is not his main area of ​​work, but the resource can also be used as a classic video editor. It is distinguished by ease of use, registration is possible through the mail service, or through Facebook – account.

Working with the site involves performing a cycle of standard actions, taking into account the specifics of the functionality:

  1. In the 'Create' tab, select the initial options for formatting the future video file;
  2. Click the 'Create video' button;
  3. Next, a menu for direct work with files opens;
  4. Find the 'Add pics and vids' tab, select the file upload item;
  5. We cut the necessary material using simple tools;
  6. We finalize the video;
  7. After processing by the service, we save the obtained result on our computer.

Working on the resource in question, you can not only upload photos from your PC, but also use material from your accounts on popular social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Dropbox and others.

Attention! The free version of the service is limited to creating videos up to 30 seconds long. Work with larger volumes is paid.

1.4. Freemake Video Converter

One of the most convenient programs that allows you to trim videos online quickly and efficiently, as well as offering many additional options.

After uploading the video, you can immediately start editing the material. With the help of the standard sliders, you can define the length of time that the cropping extends.

There is a toolkit to facilitate the search for the required fragments

Attention! The editor works on the principle of eliminating unnecessary material. Therefore, the segments you selected will be deleted, clearing the required segment.

The final stage of work is converting the video in the format you need and saving the file. The site provides for an extended interface, available after payment of a symbolic amount directed to the further development of the project.

1.5. Cellsea

The site offers many interesting opportunities for working with video content in the widest range of formats: 3GP, AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV.

The maximum downloadable file size is 25 megabytes. The site's functionality allows you not only to edit the video, but also convert it to almost any format you need.

At the same time, you can adjust file sizes, add audio tracks through the download mechanism.

The site is distinguished by simple and convenient navigation, simplified tools for downloading and further processing video material.

2. How to crop a YouTube video

Despite the existence of many online editors that allow you to work with video clips of different sizes, a significant part of users prefer the largest resource created for storing and processing private video materials: YouTube.

The advantage of using the site in question is the extraordinary simplicity and speed in editing video materials, as well as the ability to publish them on the network.

To understand how to crop a YouTube video, you first need to practice uploading small files and further processing them.

Attention! The basic condition for working with video files on this resource is the presence of a mailbox in the Google system. In its absence, you will not be able to upload materials to the site.

If the mail is registered, you can start downloading the video.

The further principle of using the video editor is practically no different from the standard option of resources of a similar direction:

  1. At the beginning of work, you need to upload a video to the site, which will be saved in the 'My Videos' tab;
  2. Further, using the available options, you can trim the file, dividing it into parts;
  3. Waste material is removed, leaving only the part that you need;
  4. The final stage of working with the program is the publication of the material on the site.

You can download the video using special programs – for example, the latest versions of the Download Master development.

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