How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

How to trim video online You have shot a video and want to share it with your friends. However, your computer does not have any video programs installed. What to do now? How to crop video online? For owners of fast internet there is a great way out – to use special online services for free video cropping. They do not require financial investments and will not try to install unnecessary programs on your PC. You will also avoid one of the common problems of users – incompatibility of the program with your version of the operating system.

In this article, we'll take a look at the most popular and simple sites for fast, free video cropping that will help you create a great video for any event.


  • 1. How to Crop Video Online: Top 5 Services
    • 1.1. Online Video Cutter
    • 1.2.Videotoolbox
    • 1.3 Animoto
    • 1.4 Cellsea
    • 1.5. WeVideo
  • 2. Freemake Video Converter – Offline Cropping
  • 3. How to trim a video in YouTube – step by step instructions

1. How to Crop Video Online: Top 5 Services

Most modern online cutters support almost all known video formats, so you don't have to worry about looking for converters that will change the resolution of your file.

The best file converters I've reviewed here —https: //

1.1. Online Video Cutter

Almost ideal program for working with video. The interface is completely in Russian, so the work process is not difficult. By the way, this program can be installed in the browser and the necessary editing tools will always be at hand. Let's take a closer look at the service.

1. First you need to go to the site;

2. Here we immediately see a large 'Open file' button. However, this program has a convenient ability to edit videos from Google Drive, as well as from Internet sources (URL). You just need to copy the link to the video clip you are interested in and paste the white line that appears. We select the required option and wait for the download. Please note that the maximum file size must not exceed 500MB. The developers assure that the size will increase soon and it will be possible to edit even full-length films in high resolution;

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

3. When the video is fully loaded, you can edit it using the sliders. Use Space to play or stop the video to find the exact trim point. Using the mouse or arrows on the keyboard, drag one slider to the intended beginning of the video, and the second to its end in the tape. You can also change the format of the finished file, its quality, crop the edges or rotate the image. We choose 'crop';

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

4. Now you can download your file to your computer, either Google Drive or Dropbox.

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

It's so easy to cut your video in three steps. In addition to this service, the site offers audio trimming, composition joining, video converter, sound and video recording, unzipping any file and working with PDF.


Good service for fast cutting of videos online in English. To work with it, you will have to register on the site and confirm your mailing address.

1. Go to the website;

2. Select the 'File Manager' menu;

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

3. In the new window there is a field for downloading a file from a PC or from the Internet (insert the link to the file in the line), select the appropriate option;

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

4. When the video has loaded, a list of actions will appear.

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

Here you can add subtitles, a watermark to the footage, add music, cut audio from an audio track, merge several clips together and much more. But we need trimming, so select 'Cut / Split File';

5. A new window will open, in which we select the desired segment with the sliders, remove the rest with the 'Cunvent the slice' function;

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

Videotoolbox has one big drawback – before you save the video, it cannot be viewed, which means that you need to know exactly the seconds to set the sliders when trimming.

6. Now you can select the format of the finished video. By the way, this service offers almost all existing formats, even specific ones required for the company's products Apple and other mobile devices;

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

7. We happily press 'Convent' and get the download link.

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

If you are satisfied with the source format, then in the previous step you should select 'Cut the slice', and then specify the folder on your computer where you want to save the finished project.

1.3 Animoto

A laconic service, the main feature of which is the function of creating videos from photos. In this article I have already considered the option of creating a slideshow from photos, but this is a different case. Of course, you can also cut a standard video here. Convenience is also the fact that Animoto has a gallery of licensed music for any movie, many styles for videos, the ability to record a square video (for Instagram) and unlimited 'weight' of the finished file. That is, you can make videos in excellent quality and high resolution. To get started, you will have to register at

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

There is only one drawback here – the trial version of the program is designed for only 30 days of use.

1.4 Cellsea

Easy English-language service for working with various clip formats. You do not need to register to edit videos.

1. Upload your video from a PC or the Internet;

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

2. Use the sliders to select the required segment. Enter the file name in the appropriate column and save the clip to your computer.

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

In this program, you can also change the format of the video, crop the edges, combine with another video and overlay the audio track.

1.5. WeVideo

Another fast video editing service. To use it, you will have to register via email. Although there is also an option for quick registration via social networks.

WeVideo provides an opportunity to work with both video and photos, that is, you can make a whole clip from pictures. You can also add music or voice and set a style for your project using the built-in themes.

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

The resource is generally free, but the developer requires payment to unlock some functions.

2. Freemake Video Converter – Offline Cropping

Although they write about this program as an online application, it is not. To work with it, you will have to download the installation file from the official website. It's free and fast. The program has been in the public domain for more than six years and many users have already appreciated it. An intuitive and clear interface allows even a beginner to understand the program. When your video is uploaded, you can see it in a handy list. The rest of your projects are also saved there.

The segment you selected, unlike other programs, will be deleted. That is, to get the desired piece of video, you need to select unnecessary parts and cut them out. When editing a video, you will be able to view all the fragments, so even this oddity will not be a problem.

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

As usual, video cutting is done with sliders. You can change the video format, merge it with other video files, add audio, photo and subtitles.

3. How to trim a video in YouTube – step by step instructions

The most popular service for watching videos – Youtube – has a built-in online video editor. To use this feature, you must have an account on the site. If you do not have it, then go through the registration, it will not take more than a couple of minutes. By the way, do not forget to read how to download YouTube videos —https: //

Let's take a look at how to work with the YouTube editor step by step.

1. Go to your account and upload the video using the 'Add' button to the site and wait for the file to be uploaded;

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

2. For further work, you need to publish a video. Click 'Finish';

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

3. The file has been published. Now let's do some direct editing. Click on the 'Video File Manager' button;

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

4. In the new window, look for your clip and click 'Change';

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

5. Before trimming, you can modify your video using the 'Enhance Video' function. This menu has contrast, saturation, color temperature, light, acceleration and deceleration.

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

Now press 'Trim' and use the sliders to adjust the duration;

6. When everything suits you, click 'Finish';

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

7. We look through the works of our efforts and save the video on our page in Youtube.

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

By the way, the resulting video can be saved to your computer. You just need to find the required file in the list of your clips and select 'download mp4 file' from the 'Edit' menu.

How to Crop Video Online: 7 Ways

You can use any file format to work on Youtube, but the hosting will convert the video to mp4 itself to save it to your hard drive.

Each of the described methods can be used by a user of any level, no need to have any specialized skills. Now it doesn't matter whether you are at home or at work, use a desktop computer or a tablet, for video editing you only need a stable Internet connection and any of the services described above.

Still have questions? Ask them in the comments! And, of course, share which service you like the most.

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