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Probably, every user on the Internet has come across pictures that change (or, better to say, play like a video file). Such pictures are called animation. They are a gif file in which the frames of the picture that are played in turn are compressed (at a certain time interval).

To create such files, you need to have a couple of programs, some free time and desire. In this article, I would like to tell you in detail how you can create such animations. Considering the number of questions about working with pictures, I think this material will be relevant.

Let's start …

Programs for creating gif animations

1) UnFREEz

Program website:

2015-04-19 17_50_33-UnFREEz 2.1

A very simple program (probably the simplest), in which there are only a few options: specify the files for creating animation and specify the time between frames. Despite this, it is popular among users – after all, not everyone needs everything else, and animation in it is easy and quick to create!

2) QGifer

2015-04-19 19_08_44-QGifer _ Developer:

A simple and functional program for creating gif animations from various video files (for example, from avi, mpg, mp 4, etc.). By the way, it is free and fully supports the Russian language (this is already something).

By the way, it is in it that an example in this article is shown how to create small animations from video files.

2015-04-19 19_13_08-QGifer - video-based GIF creator
The main window of the QGifer program.

3) Easy GIF Animator

Developer site:

main program window

This program is one of the best for working with animation. It not only allows you to quickly and easily create animations, but also edit them! However, to take advantage of all the features of the program, you will have to buy it …

By the way, what is most convenient in this program is the presence of wizards that will quickly and step by step help you perform any of the work with gif files. 4) GIF Movie Gear

Developer site:

GIF Movie Gear_ Home This program allows you to create full-fledged animated gif files, reduce and optimize their size. In addition, you can easily create animated banners in standard sizes.

It is quite simple and has an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly get the job done, even for a novice user. The program allows you to open and use files of the following types as frames for the created animation: GIF, AVI, BMP, JPEG, PNG, PS D.

It can work with icons (ICO), cursors (CUR) and animated cursors (ANI).

How to create gif animation from photos and pictures

Let's look at the steps how to do it.

1) Preparing pictures

First of all, you need to prepare photos and pictures for work in advance, moreover, in gif format (when in any program you select the 'Save as …' option – you are offered several formats to choose from – choose gif).

Personally, I prefer to prepare photos in Adobe Photoshop (in principle, you can use any other editor, for example the free Gimp).

An article with programs for drawing:

1-Adobe Photoshop creating pictures

Preparing pictures in Adobe Photoshop.

It is important to note:

– all image files for further work must be in the same format – gif;

– image files must be of the same resolution (for example 140×120, as in my example);

– files need to be renamed so that their order is the same as you need when animating them (playing in order). The easiest option is to rename the files to: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

3-gif pictures for animation

10 gifs in one format and one resolution. Pay attention to the filenames.

2) Animation creation

In this example, I will show you how to make animation in one of the simplest programs – UnFREEz (about it a little higher in the article).

2.1) Run the program and open the folder with the prepared images. Then select those pictures that you want to use in animation and drag them with the mouse to the Frames window of the UnFREEz program.

4-drag and drop pictures into the program

Adding files.

2.2) Next, specify the time in milliseconds that should be between frames. Basically, you can experiment by creating several gif animations with different playback speeds.

Then click the Make Animated GIF button.

5-specified time between frames

3) Saving the result

It remains only to set the file name and save the resulting file. By the way, if the speed of playing pictures does not suit you, then repeat steps 1-3 again, just specify a different time in the UnFREEz settings.

6-setting the file name


loading windows

This is how you can relatively quickly create gif animation from various photos and pictures. You could, of course, use more powerful programs, but for most of this it will be enough (at least I think so, I definitely have enough….).

Next, let's consider a more interesting task: creating animation from a video file.

How to create gif animation from video

In the example below I will show you how to make animation in the popular (and free) QGifer program. By the way, to view and work with video files, you may need codecs – you can choose something from this article: eight/

Let's consider, as usual, step by step …

1) Run the program and press the open video button (or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + V).

2015-04-19 19_15_25-QGifer - video-based GIF creator

2) Next, you need to set the start and end locations for your animation. This is done simply: use the view and skip buttons (red arrows in the screenshot below) to find the beginning of your future animation. When the start is found, click on the release button 2015-04-19 19_46_45-Edit post ‹ - WordPress (marked in green).

2015-04-19 19_19_55-QGifer - video-based GIF creator

3) Now watch (or rewind frames) to the end – to the point where your animation ends.

When the end is found – click on the button to fix the end of the animation (green arrow in the screenshot below). By the way, keep in mind that the animation will take up a lot of space – for example, a video for 5-10 seconds will take several megabytes (3-10MB, depending on the settings and the quality that you choose. For most users, the default parameters are suitable, so I set them up in this article and will not dwell).

2015-04-19 19_20_25-QGifer - video-based GIF creator

4) Click on the button to extract gif from a given video clip.

2015-04-19 19_20_54-QGifer - video-based GIF creator

5) The program will process the video, in time – approximately one to one (i.e. 10 seconds of a fragment from your video will be processed for about 10 seconds).

2015-04-19 19_21_09-qgifer

6) Next, a window will open for the final setting of the file parameters. You can skip some frames, see how it will look, etc. I recommend turning on frame skipping (2 frames, as in the screenshot below) and pressing the save button.

2015-04-19 19_22_08-Brilliantovaya_101514-101729

7) It is important to note that the program sometimes gives an error when saving a file if there are Russian characters in the path and file name. That is why, I recommend to name the file in Latin, and pay attention to where you save it.

2015-04-19 19_25_07-Save GIF file


Animation from the famous movie 'The Diamond Arm'.


By the way, you can create animation from a video in another way: open a video in some kind of player, take screenshots from it (almost all modern players support capturing frames and creating screenshots), and then create animation from these photos, as described in the first part of this article ).

2015-04-19 20_02_56-Films

Capturing a frame in PotPlayer.


That's all. How do you create animations? Maybe there are ways to 'animate' even faster ?! Good luck!

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