How to create an ISO disk image. Creating a secure disk image

disk imaging Good afternoon.

I'll make a reservation right away that this article is in no way aimed at distributing illegal copies of discs.

I think that every user with experience has dozens, if not hundreds of CDs and DVDs. Nowadays it is not so important to store them all next to a computer or laptop – after all, hundreds of such disks can be placed on one HDD, the size of a small notebook! Therefore, it is not a bad idea to create images from your disk collections and transfer them to your hard drive (for example, to an external HDD).

The topic of creating images during installation Windows is also very relevant (for example, to copy the installation disc Windows to an ISO image, and then create a bootable USB flash drive from it). Especially if you don't have a disk drive on your laptop or netbook!

Just as often, creating images can be useful for game lovers: discs are scratched over time, begin to be poorly read. As a result of intensive use, a disc with your favorite game may simply stop being read, and the disc will need to be bought again. To avoid this, it is easier to read the game once into an image, and then start the game from this image. In addition, the disk in the drive makes a lot of noise during operation, which annoys many users.

And so, perhaps let's get down to the main thing …


  • 1) How to create an ISO disk image
    • CDBurnerXP
    • Alcohol 120%
    • UltraISO
  • 2) Create an image from a secure disk
    • Alcohol 120%
    • Nero
    • CloneCD

1) How to create an ISO disk image

The image of such a disk is usually created from non-copy-protected disks. For example, discs with MP3 files, discs with documents, etc. For this there is no need to copy the 'structure' of the tracks of the disc and any service information, which means that the image of such a disc will take up less space than the image of a protected disc. Usually an ISO image is used for such purposes …


Official website:

A very simple and multifunctional program. Allows you to create data discs (MP3, document discs, audio and video discs), in addition, it can create images and burn ISO images. This is what we will do …

1) First, in the main window of the program, you need to select the 'Copy disc' option.


The main window of the CDBurnerXP program.

2) Next, in the copy settings, you need to set several parameters:

– drive: CD-Rom where the CD / DVD was inserted;

– a place to save the image;

– type of image (in our case ISO).

Copy Disc-07-51-54

Configuring copy settings.

3) Actually, it remains only to wait until the ISO image is created. Copying time depends on the speed of your drive, the size of the copied disc and its quality (if the disc is scratched, the copy speed will be slower).

Disk Copy_ 0% -07-52-05

Disc copying process …

Alcohol 120%

Official website:

This is one of the best programs for creating and emulating images. By the way, it supports all the most popular disk images: iso, mds / mdf, ccd, bin, etc. The program supports the Russian language, and its only drawback, perhaps, is that it is not free.

1) To create an ISO image in Alcohol 120%, you need to click on the 'Create images' function in the main program window.

Alcohol 120% -08-11-22

Alcohol 120% – creating an image.

2) Then you need to specify the CD / DVD drive (where the copied disc is inserted) and click the 'next' button.

Alcohol 120% - Imaging-08-12-04

Select drive and copy settings.

3) And the last step … Choose a place where the image will be saved, as well as specify the type of image itself (in our case – ISO).

Alcohol 120% - Imaging-08-12-15

Alcohol 120% is a place to save the image.

After clicking the 'Start' button, the program will start creating the image. Copy times can vary greatly. For a CD, this time is approximately 5-10 minutes, for a DVD -10-20 minutes.


Developer site:

I could not help but mention this program, because it is one of the most popular programs for working with ISO images. As a rule, one cannot do without it when:

– installation Windows and creating bootable flash drives and disks;

– when editing ISO images (and she can do it quite easily and quickly).

In addition, UltraISO allows you to make an image of any disk in 2 mouse clicks!

1) After starting the program, go to the 'Tools' section and select the 'Create CD image …' option.


2) Then all that remains is to select the CD / DVD drive, where the image will be saved and the type of the image itself. What is remarkable, in addition to creating an ISO image, the program can create: bin, nrg, compressed iso, mdf, ccd images.


2) Create an image from a secure disk

Such images are usually created from game discs. The fact is that many game manufacturers, protecting their products from pirates, make sure that you can't play without an original disc … to start the game – the disc must be inserted into the drive. If you do not have a real disk, then you will not start the game ….

Now let's imagine a situation: several people are working at the computer and each has its own favorite game. Discs are constantly rearranged and over time they wear out: scratches appear on them, the reading speed deteriorates, and then they can stop being read altogether. To make it one, you can create an image and use it. Just to create such an image, you need to enable some options (if you create a regular ISO image, then when you start, the game will simply give an error that there is no real disc …).

Alcohol 120%

Official website:

1) As in the first part of the article, first of all, run the option to create a disk image (in the menu on the left, first tab).

Alcohol 120% -09-38-57

2) Then you need to select the disc drive and set the copy settings:

– skipping reading errors;

– improved sector scanning (A.S.S.) factor 100;

– reading subchannel data from the current disk.

Alcohol 120% - Imaging-09-39-30

3) In this case, the image format will be MDS – the Alcohol 120% program will read the subchannel data of the disc into it, which will later help launch a protected game without a real disc.

Alcohol 120% - Imaging-09-39-53

By the way, the size of the image during such copying will be larger than the real volume of the disk. For example, based on a 700 MB game CD, an ~ 800 MB image will be created.


Official website:

Nero is not just one program for burning discs, it is a whole suite of programs for working with discs. With Nero you can: create any discs (audio and video, with documents, etc.), convert video, create covers for discs, edit audio and video, etc.

I will show, using the example of NERO 2015, how the image is created in this program. By the way, it uses its own format for images: nrg (it is read by all popular programs for working with images).

1) Launch Nero Express and select the 'Image, project …' section, then the 'Copy disc' function.

Nero Express-09-02-15

2) In the settings window, pay attention to the following:

– on the left of the window there is an arrow with additional settings – enable the checkbox 'Read subchannel data';

– then select the drive from which the data will be read (in this case, the drive where the real CD / DVD is inserted);

– and the last thing to indicate is the source drive. If you copy a disk to an image, then you need to select Image Recorder.

Configuring Secure Disc Copy in Nero Express

Configuring Secure Disc Copy in Nero Express.

3) When you start copying, Nero will prompt you to select the location to save the image, as well as its type: ISO or NRG (for protected discs, select the NRG format).

Nero Express-09-02-52

Nero Express – select the type of image.



A small utility for copying discs. It was very popular in its time, although many use it now. Copes with most types of disk protections. A distinctive feature of the program is its simplicity, along with great efficiency!

1) To create an image, run the program and click the 'Read CD to image file' button.


2) Next, you need to tell the program the drive into which the CD is inserted.

2-Copy from CD-drive to file-image-10-17-03

3) The next step is to tell the program the type of disk to copy: the parameters with which CloneCD will copy the disk depend on it. If the disc is a game disc: select this type.

3-Copy from a secured CD

4) And the last thing. It remains to specify the location of the image and enable the Cue-Sheet checkbox. This is necessary in order to create a .cue file with an index map that will allow other applications to work with the image (i.e., the image compatibility will be maximum).

4-create cue sheet

Everything! Then the program will start copying, you just have to wait …


CloneCD. The process of copying a CD to a file image.


This completes the article on creating images. I think that the presented programs are more than enough to transfer your collection of disks to your hard drive and quickly find certain files. After all, the age of conventional CD / DVD discs is coming to an end …

By the way, how do you copy discs?

Good luck!

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