How to create a slideshow (from your photos and music)

2016-03-06 11_20_35-slideshow Hello.

Each person has his own favorite and memorable photos: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other significant events. But from these photos you can make a full-fledged slideshow, which can be viewed on TV or uploaded to social media. networks (show your friends and acquaintances).

If 15 years ago, in order to create a high-quality slideshow, it was necessary to have a decent “baggage” of knowledge, nowadays it is enough to know and be able to handle a couple of programs. In this article, I will walk you through the steps of creating a photo and music slideshow. So let's get started …

What you need for a slideshow:

  1. it is natural that the photographs with which we will work;
  2. music (both background and just cool sounds that can be inserted when certain photos appear);
  3. specialist. utility for creating slideshows (I recommend staying at the Bolide Slideshow Creator , the link to it is below in the article);
  4. a little time to deal with all this economy …

Bolide Slideshow Creator

Official website:


Why did I decide to stick with this utility? It's simple:

  1. the program is completely free (there are no hidden toolbars, advertisements of other “good” in it);
  2. creating a slideshow is simple and quick (great focus on the novice user, at the same time decent functionality is combined);
  3. supported by all popular versions Windows: Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10;
  4. completely in Russian.

Although I cannot help but answer that a slideshow can be created in a regular video editor (for example, here I touched on several editors in Russian:

Create slideshow

(In my example, I used just a photo for one of my articles. They are not of the best quality, but they will clearly and clearly illustrate the work with the program)

STEP 1: adding photos to the project

I think that installing and launching the application should not cause problems (everything is standard, as in any other programs for Windows).

Once launched, the first thing to do is add a photo to your project (see Figure 1). There are specials for this. button on the toolbar in the 'Photos' section. You can add everything, even what may be later removed from the project.

2016-03-06 12_12_01-Adding photos to the project

Figure: 1. Adding photos to the project.

STEP 2: arrange photos

Now an important point: all added photos need to be arranged in the order they are displayed in the slideshow. This is done quite easily: just drag the photo into the frame at the bottom of the window (see Fig. 2).

You need to arrange all the photos that will be shown in the finished version.

2016-03-06 12_14_56-Transferring photos to the project

Figure: 2. Transferring photos to the project.

STEP 3: select transitions between photos

Photos on the screen change when viewing a slideshow, after a certain time, one is replaced by another. But they can do it in different ways, for example: slide from top to bottom, appear from the center, disappear and appear with random cubes, etc.

To select a specific transition between two photos, you need to click on the corresponding frame at the bottom of the window, and then select the transition (see carefully in Fig. 3).

By the way, the program has a lot of transitions and it is not difficult to choose the one you need. In addition, the program will immediately visualize what a particular transition looks like.

2016-03-06 12_15_50-Transitions between slides (selection of patterns)

Figure: 3. Transitions between slides (choice of patterns).

STEP 4: add music

Next to the Photos tab is the Audio Files tab (see the red arrow in Figure 4). To add music to a project, you need to open this tab and add the required audio files.

Then just move the music under the slides to the bottom of the window (see fig. 4 on the yellow arrow).

2016-03-06 12_17_23-Adding music to the project

Figure: 4. Adding music to the project (Audio files).

STEP 5: add text to slides

Probably, without the added text (comments to the photos that appear) in the slideshow, it can turn out to be 'dry' (and some thoughts may eventually be forgotten and become incomprehensible to many of those who view the recording).

Therefore, in the program, you can easily add text to the desired place: to do this, simply press the 'T' button below the slideshow viewing screen. In my example, I just added the site name …

2016-03-06 12_20_30-Adding text to slides

Figure: 5. Adding text to slides.

STEP 6: Save the resulting slideshow

When everything is adjusted and everything that is needed has been added, it remains only to save the result. To do this, click the 'Save Video' button (see Fig. 6, this will create a slide show).

2016-03-06 12_21_11-Save video

Figure: 6. Saving video (slideshow).

STEP 7: select format and save destination

The last step is to specify in which format and where to save the slideshow. The formats presented in the program are quite popular. Basically, you can choose anyone.

The only moment. You may not have codecs in your system, then if you choose the wrong format, the program will generate an error. I recommend updating codecs, a good choice is presented in one of my articles:

2016-03-06 12_21_47-Format selection and save location

Figure: 7. Choice of format and save location.

STEP 8: check your finished slideshow

Actually, the slideshow is ready! Now it can be viewed in any video player, TV, video players, tablets, etc. (example in Fig. 8). As it turned out, there is nothing extra complicated in this process!

2016-03-06 12_23_36-Video playback

Figure: 8. The slideshow is ready! Playback in standard player Windows 10 …

Video: consolidating knowledge

On this I finish the article. Despite a certain 'clumsy' method of creating a slideshow, I have no doubt that for most users (who are not versed in creating and processing video) – it will cause a storm of emotions and delight after watching it.

For the additions on the topic of the article I will be grateful, successful work with the video!

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