How to control the work of employees on a PC (via the Internet). CleverControl program

PC control Hello.

Today's article is devoted more to executives (although if you want to know who is in your absence and how he works at your computer, the article will also be useful).

The issue of controlling the work of other people is quite complicated and, at times, very controversial. I think those who at least once tried to lead at least 3-5 people will understand me now. and coordinate their work (especially if there is really a lot of work).

But those whose employees work at the computer are a little more lucky :). Now there are very interesting solutions: special. programs that easily and quickly track everything that a person does during working hours. And the manager will only have to look at the reports. Convenient, I tell you!

In this article I want to tell FROM and TO how to organize such control. So, …

1. Choice of software for organizing control

In my opinion, one of the best programs of its kind (for monitoring employee PCs) is CleverControl. Judge for yourself: firstly, to run it on an employee's PC – it takes 1-2 minutes (and no IT knowledge, i.e. no need to ask anyone to help you); secondly, 3 PCs can be controlled even in the free version (so to speak, evaluate all the possibilities …).



clever control - logo

A simple and convenient program for viewing who and what is doing on a PC. It can be installed both on your own computer and on employees' computers. The report will contain the following data: which websites were visited; start and end time of work; the ability to watch in real time at the PC desktop; viewing applications that the user has launched, etc. (screenshots and examples can be found below in the article).

In addition to its main direction (control of subordinates), it can also be used for some other purposes: for example, to watch what you yourself are doing, to evaluate the effectiveness of the time spent at the PC, which sites were opened, etc. In general, to increase your efficiency of time spent at the computer.

What else captivates the program is its focus on an unprepared user. Those. if you even just sat down at the computer yesterday, you will not be able to install and configure its operation (below, I will show in detail how this is done).

An important point: computers must be connected to the Internet (and preferably high-speed) to be able to control.

By the way, all data and statistics of work are stored on the program server, and you can find out at any time, from any computer: who is doing what. In general, it is convenient!

2. Getting started (registering an account and downloading the program)

Let's get down to business?

First, go to the official website of the program (I gave the link to the website above) and click the 'Connect and download for free' button (screenshot below).

clevercontrol 1

Starting to use CleverControl (clickable)

Next, you will need to enter your E-mail and password (remember them, they will be needed to install applications on computers and view the results), after which your personal account should open. There you can download the program (the screenshot is shown below).

2-download clever

The downloaded application is best written to a USB flash drive. And then with this flash drive, go one by one to the computers that you are going to control and install the program.

3. Installing the application

Actually, as I wrote above, you just install the downloaded program on the computers that you want to control (you can also install it on your PC to make it clearer how everything works and compare your indicators with the indicators of employees – to derive some kind of benchmark).

An important point: the installation takes place in standard mode (the time required for installation is 2-3 minutes), except for one step. You will need to correctly enter the E-mail and password that you created in the previous step. If you enter an incorrect E-mail, then you will not wait for the report, or in general, the installation will not continue, the program will return an error that the data is incorrect.

3-clever registration

Actually, after the installation was completed, the program started working! Everything, she began to monitor what was happening on this computer, who was behind it and how it was working, etc. You can configure what to control and how through the account that we registered in the 2nd step of this article.

4. Setting the main control parameters: what, how, how much, and how often …

When you log into your account, first of all, I recommend opening the 'Remote Setup' tab (see screenshot below). This tab will allow you to specify for each computer, its own control parameters.

Remote configuration

Remote configuration (clickable)

What can you control?

Keyboard events:

  • what characters were printed;
  • what characters have been removed.


  • when changing windows;
  • when changing the web page;
  • when changing the clipboard;
  • the ability to take pictures from a webcam (useful if you want to know if the employee is working at the PC, and if someone is replacing him).

Keyboard events

Keyboard events, screenshot, quality (clickable)

In addition, you can control all popular social networks (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, VK, etc.), shoot video from a webcam, control Internet pagers (ICQ, Skype, AIM, etc.), record sound (speakers, microphone, etc. devices).

Social networks for monitoring

Social networks, webcam video, Internet pagers for monitoring (clickable)

And one more nice function for blocking unnecessary actions for employees:

  • you can ban social. networks, torrents, video hosting and other entertainment sites;
  • you can also manually set the sites to which you want to deny access;
  • you can even set stop words for blocking (however, you need to be more careful with this, because if such a word is found on the right site for work, the employee simply will not be able to access it :)).

What to block

Add. blocking parameters (clickable)

5. Reports, what's interesting?

Reports are not generated immediately, but after 10-15 minutes after installing the application on the computer. To see the results of the program: just open the 'Dashboard' link (the main control panel, if translated into Russian).

Next, a list of computers that you control should appear in front of you: by selecting the desired PC, you will see what is happening on it now, you will see what the employee sees on his screen.

Online streaming

Online broadcast (reports) – clickable

You will also have access to dozens of reports on all sorts of criteria (which we asked in the 4th step of this article). For example, the statistics of my last 2 hours of work: it was even interesting to see the efficiency of my work :).

Websites and programs that are running

Websites and programs that were launched (reports) – clickable

By the way, there are quite a few reports, just click on various sections and links on the panel on the left: keyboard events, screenshots, visited web pages, queries in search engines, Skype, social. networks, sound recording, webcam recording, activity in various applications, etc. (screenshot below).

Possible reports

Report options

An important point!

You can install such software only to control the PCs that you own (or those to which you have legal rights). Failure to comply with these conditions may result in a violation of the law. You should consult with your lawyer about the legality of using CleverControl software in your area of ​​competence. CleverControl software is intended only for employee control (employees in most cases, by the way, must give written consent to this).

That's all for this, I will round off. For additions on the topic – thanks in advance. Good luck to all!

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