How to connect Samsung Smart TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi?

Samsung Smart TV - Internet Connection Hello.

In recent years, technology has been developing at such a rapid pace that what seemed like a fairy tale yesterday is a reality today! I say this to the fact that today, even without a computer, you can already browse the Internet, watch videos on youtube and do other things on the Internet using the TV!

But for this, of course, he must be connected to the Internet. In this article, I would like to dwell on the recently popular Samsung Smart TVs, consider setting up Smart TV + Wi-Fi (such a service in the store, by the way, is not the cheapest) step by step, analyze the most common typical questions.

So, let's begin…

1. What should you do before setting up your TV?

In this article, as said a couple of lines above, I will consider exclusively the issue of connecting a TV via Wi-Fi. In general, you can, of course, connect the TV to the router via cable, but in this case you will have to pull the cable, extra wires under your feet, and if you want to move the TV, then plus some extra hassle.

Many people think that Wi-Fi cannot always provide a stable connection, sometimes the connection breaks, etc. In fact, it depends more on your router. If the router is good and does not break the connection when loading (by the way, they break the connection at high load, most often, routers with a weak processor) + you have a good and fast Internet (in large cities now there seems to be no problem with this) – then the connection is you will have what you need and nothing will slow down. By the way, there was a separate article about choosing a router.

Before proceeding with the settings of the TV itself, you need to do the following.

1) Determine first – whether your TV model has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. If it is there – well, if it is not there – then to connect to the Internet, you need to purchase a wi-fi adapter connected via USB.

Attention! It is different for each TV model, so be careful when buying.

Samsung smart tv wifi internet adapter

Adapter for wi-fi connection.

2) The second important step will be to configure the router ( If your devices (for example, a phone, tablet or laptop), which are also connected via Wi-Fi to the router, have the Internet, then everything is in order. In general, how to set up a router for Internet access is a large and extensive topic, especially since it will not fit into the framework of one post. Here I will provide only links to the settings of popular models: ASUS, D-Link, TP-Link, TRENDnet, ZyXEL, NETGEAR.

2. Setting up Samsung Smart TV to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi

Usually the first time you start the TV, it automatically prompts you to set up. Most likely, you have skipped this step a long time ago. The TV was most likely turned on for the first time in a store, or even in some warehouse …

By the way, if a cable (twisted pair) is not connected to the TV, for example, from the same router – by default, when setting up the network, it will start searching for wireless connections.

Let's consider the setup process itself step by step.

1) First, go to the settings and go to the 'network' tab, we are most interested in the 'network settings'. On the remote, by the way, there is a special 'settings' button (or settings).


2) By the way, a hint is shown on the right that this tab is used to set up a network connection and use various Internet services.


3) Next, a 'dark' screen will appear prompting you to start the configuration. We press the 'start' button.


4) In this step, the TV asks us to indicate which type of connection to use: cable or wireless Wi-Fi connection. In our case, select wireless and click next.


5) For 10-15 seconds, the TV will search for all wireless networks, among which yours should be found. By the way, please note that the search range will be 2.4Hz, plus the network name (SSID) – the one that you specified in the router settings.


6) Surely, there are several Wi-Fi networks at once. in cities, as a rule, some neighbors also have routers installed and turned on. Here you need to select your wireless network. If your wireless network is protected by a password, you will need to enter it.

Most often, after that, the Internet connection will be established automatically.

Then you just need to go to 'menu – >> support – >> Smart Hub'. Smart Hub is a special feature in Samsung Smart TVs that allows you to access various sources of information on the Internet. You will be able to watch internet pages or videos on youtube.


3. What if the TV does not connect to the Internet?

In general, of course, there can be many reasons why the TV did not connect to the Internet. Most often, of course, these are incorrect router settings. If other devices, besides the TV, also cannot access the Internet (for example, a laptop), then you definitely need to dig in the direction of the router. If other devices work, but the TV does not, we will try to consider several reasons below.

1) First, at the stage of setting up the TV when connecting to a wireless network, try to configure the settings manually, not automatically. First, go to the router settings and temporarily disable the DHCP option (Dynamis Host Configuration Protocol).

Then you need to go to the network settings of the TV and assign it an IP address and specify a gateway (the gateway IP is the address at which you entered the router settings, most often – (except for TRENDnet routers, they have a default IP address of 192.168. 10.1)).

For example, let's set the following parameters: IP address: (here you can specify any local IP address, for example or By the way, in TRENDnet routers, the address most likely needs to be specified as Subnet Mask: Gateway: (TRENDnet - DNS Server:


As a rule, after entering the settings manually, the TV joins the wireless network and gains access to the Internet.

2) Secondly, after you have completed the procedure for manually assigning a specific IP address to the TV, I recommend that you go into the router settings again and enter the MAC address of the TV and other devices in the settings – so that every time you connect to the wireless network, each device is given it permanent IP address. About configuring different types of routers – here.

3) Sometimes a simple restart of the router and TV helps. Disable them for a minute or two, then enable them again and repeat the setup procedure.

4) If, when watching Internet videos, for example videos from youtube, your playback is constantly 'twitching': the video stops and loads – most likely there is not enough speed. There are several reasons: either the router is weak and cuts the speed (you can replace it with a more powerful one), or the Internet channel is loaded by another device (laptop, computer, etc.), it may be worth switching to a faster tariff from your Internet provider.

5) If the router and the TV are in different rooms, for example, behind three concrete walls, the quality of the connection may be worse due to which the speed will be reduced or the connection will periodically break. If so, try placing the router and TV closer together.

6) If your TV and router have WPS buttons, you can try to connect devices in automatic mode. To do this, you need to hold down the button on one device for 10-15 seconds. and on the other. More often than not, devices connect quickly and automatically.


That's all. Happy connections to everyone …

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