How to clean a laptop from viruses

2016-05-14 17_18_02-instructions for removing viruses Hello.

From experience I can say that many users do not always install an antivirus on a laptop, motivating the decision by the fact that the laptop is not fast anyway, and the antivirus slows it down, adding at the same time that they do not visit unfamiliar sites, they do not download files all in a row – which means and they cannot pick up the virus (but it usually happens the other way around …).

By the way, some people do not even suspect that viruses have 'settled' on their laptop (for example, they think that advertising appearing on all sites in a row is the way it should be). Therefore, I decided to sketch this note, where I will try to describe in steps what and how to do to remove and clean the laptop from most viruses and other 'infection' that can be picked up on the network …


  • 1) When should I check my laptop for viruses?
  • 2) Free antiviruses that work without installation
  • 3) Remove viruses that display ads

1) When should I check my laptop for viruses?

In general, I highly recommend checking your laptop for viruses if:

  1. all kinds of advertising banners start to appear in Windows (for example, immediately after loading) and in the browser (on various sites where they were not previously available);
  2. some programs stop starting or files open (and errors related to CRC (file checksum) appear);
  3. the laptop starts to slow down and freeze (possibly reboot for no reason);
  4. opening tabs, windows without your participation;
  5. the emergence of a variety of errors (especially cautious, if they did not exist before …).

Well, in general, periodically, from time to time, it is recommended to check for viruses any computer (not just a laptop).

2) Free antiviruses that work without installation

You don't need to buy an antivirus to scan your laptop for viruses, there are free solutions that you don't even need to install! Those. all you need to do is download the file and run it, and then your device will be scanned and a decision will be made (how to use them, I think, it makes no sense to give it?)! I will give links to the best of them, in my humble opinion …

1) DR.Web (Cureit)


2016-05-15 08_12_36-doctor web

One of the most renowned antivirus programs. It detects both known viruses and those that are not in its database. Dr.Web Cureit solution works without installation with up-to-date anti-virus databases (on the day of download).

By the way, using the utility is extremely easy, any user can figure it out! You only need to download the utility, run it and start checking. The screenshot below shows the appearance of the program (and really, nothing superfluous ?!).

Dr.Web Cureit - window after launch, all that remains is to start the scan!

Dr.Web Cureit – window after launch, all that remains is to start the scan!

In general, I recommend!

2) Kaspersky (Virus Removal Tool)


2016-05-15 09_29_07-kaspersky

An alternative version of the utility from the no less famous Kaspersky Lab. It works the same way (i.e., it cures an already infected computer, but does not protect you in real time). I also recommend to use.

3) AVZ


But this utility is not as well known as the previous ones. But it has, in my opinion, a number of advantages: searching and finding SpyWare and AdWare modules (this is the main purpose of the utility), Trojans, network and mail worms, TrojanSpy, etc. Those. in addition to the viral population, this utility will also clean your computer from all the 'advertising' garbage, which has recently become very popular and is embedded in browsers (usually when installing some software).

By the way, after downloading the utility, to start scanning for viruses, you only need to unpack the archive, run it and press the START button. Then the utility will scan your PC for all kinds of threats. See screenshot below.

AVZ - virus scan.

AVZ – virus scan.

3) Remove viruses that display ads

Virus to virus strife?

The fact is that not all viruses are (unfortunately) removed by the above utilities. Yes, they will clean Windows from most threats, but for example from intrusive ads (banners, opening tabs, various flashing offers on all sites without exception) – they will not be able to help. There are special utilities for this, and I recommend using the following …

Tip # 1: remove the 'left' software

When installing certain programs, many users do not pay attention to the checkboxes, under which there are often various add-ons for the browser, which show advertisements and send various spam. An example of such an installation is shown in the screenshot below (by the way, this is a 'white' example, since the 'Amigo' browser is far from being the worst thing that can be installed on a PC. It so happens that there are no warnings at all when installing some software).

2016-05-15 09_49_41-One of the examples of installing add.  software

One of the examples of installing add. software

Based on this, I recommend that you remove all unknown program names that you have installed. Moreover, I recommend using some special. utility (because the standard installer Windows may not show all applications that are installed on your laptop).

More on this in this article:

uninstall programs

removal of any special programs. utilities –

By the way, I also recommend opening your browser and removing add-ons and plugins unknown to you. Often the reason for the appearance of advertising – just they are …

Tip # 2: scan with ADW Cleaner

ADW Cleaner


An excellent utility for fighting various malicious scripts, 'tricky' and harmful browser add-ons, in general, all those viruses that a regular antivirus cannot find. It works, by the way, in all popular versions Windows: XP, 7, 8, 10.

The only drawback is the lack of the Russian language, but the utility is extremely simple: you just need to download and run it, and then just press one button 'Scanner' (screenshot below).

ADW Cleaner.

ADW Cleaner.

By the way, in more detail on how to clear the browser from all kinds of 'garbage', see my previous article:

virus in the browser!

cleaning the browser from viruses –

Council number 3: installation of special. ad blocking utilities

After the laptop is cleaned of viruses, I recommend that you install some utility for blocking intrusive ads, well, or an add-on for the browser (otherwise some sites abound in it to such an extent that the content is not visible).

This topic is quite extensive, especially since I have a separate article on this topic, I recommend it (link below):

advertising block

get rid of ads in browsers –

Tip # 4: cleaning Windows from 'garbage'

And the last thing, after everything is done, I recommend cleaning your Windows from various 'garbage' (various temporary files, empty folders, incorrect entries in the registry, browser cache, etc.). Over time, a lot of such 'garbage' accumulates in the system, and it can cause a slow PC.

The Advanced SystemCare utility handles this task quite well (article about such utilities). In addition to removing junk files, it optimizes and speeds up Windows. Working with the program is very simple: just press one START button (see the screen below).

Optimize and speed up your computer

Optimize and speed up your computer in Advanced SystemCare.


Thus, by following these non-tricky recommendations, you can easily and quickly clean your laptop from viruses and make working with it not only more comfortable, but also faster (and the laptop will work faster and you will not be distracted). Despite the simple steps, the set of measures that are given here will help get rid of many problems caused by malicious applications.

This concludes the article, successful scan …

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