How to choose the best: compare different versions Windows 10

The company Microsoft has always split their operating systems into different versions. They differed from each other in capabilities depending on the needs of users in different areas. Information about the difference between different editions Windows 10 from each other will help you choose the edition that suits your needs.


  • Various versions Windows 10
    • Common features of different versions Windows 10
    • Table: basic functions Windows 10 in different versions
  • Features of each version Windows 10
    • Windows 10 Home
    • Windows 10 Professional
    • Windows 10 Enterprise
    • Windows 10 Education
    • Other versions Windows 10
  • Select version Windows 10 for home and work
    • Table: Availability of Components and Services in Different Versions Windows 10
    • Recommendations for choosing an operating system for a laptop and a home computer
    • Build selection Windows 10 for games
    • Video: comparison of editions of different versions of the operating system Windows 10

Various versions Windows 10

In total, there are four main versions of the operating system Windows 10: these are Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro (Professional), Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education. Besides them, there is also Windows 10 Mobile and a number of additional editions of the main versions.

Open Menu Notebook Windows 10

It is worth choosing an assembly depending on your goals

Common features of different versions Windows 10

Now all major versions Windows 10 contain many of the same components:

  • the possibilities of personalization – the days when the possibilities of versions were deliberately limited relative to each other are already far gone, not even allowing you to customize the desktop in some versions of the system;
  • defender Windows and built-in firewall – each version is protected from malware by default, providing the minimum acceptable level of security for working on the network;
  • Cortana is a voice-activated computer assistant. Previously, this would certainly have become the property of only a separate version;
  • built-in browser Microsoft Edge – a browser designed to replace the outdated Internet Explorer;
  • quick system start-up;
  • opportunities for economical power consumption;
  • switching to portable mode;
  • multitasking;
  • virtual desktops.

That is, all the key features Windows 10 will get you regardless of the version you choose.

Table: basic functions Windows 10 in different versions

Basic components Window 10 Home Window 10 Pro Window 10 Enterprise Window 10 Education
Customizable Start Menu
Defender Windows and Firewall Windows
Quick launch with Hyberboot and InstantGo
TPM support
Battery saving
Update Center Windows
Personal Assistant Cortana
Speak or type naturally
Personal and initiative proposals
Search the web, device and cloud
Hands-free activation 'Hello Cortana'
Authentication system Windows Hello
Natural fingerprint recognition
Natural face and iris recognition
Enterprise grade security
Snap Assist (up to four apps on one screen)
Pinning apps to different screens and monitors
Virtual desktops
Switch from PC mode to tablet mode
Browser Microsoft Edge
Reading view
Built-in handwriting support
Integration with Cortana

Features of each version Windows 10

Let's take a closer look at each of the major versions Windows 10 and its features.

Windows 10 Home

The 'home' version of the operating system is intended for private use. It is she who is installed by most ordinary users on home computers and laptops. This system contains the basic features mentioned above and does not offer anything beyond that. However, this is more than enough for comfortable use of the computer. And the absence of unnecessary utilities and services, those that are not useful to you for private use of the system, will only have a positive effect on its performance. Probably the only inconvenience for the average user in the Home version of the system will be the lack of a choice of the update method.

Windows Home

Windows 10 Home is for home use

Windows 10 Professional

This operating system is also intended for home use, but it comes in a slightly different price segment. We can say that the version is intended for private entrepreneurs or small business owners. This is reflected both in the price of the current version and in the possibilities it provides. The following features can be distinguished:

  • data protection – the ability to encrypt files on the disk is supported;
  • support for Hyper-V virtualization – the ability to run virtual servers and virtualize applications;
  • communication between devices with this version of the operating system – it is possible to link several computers into a convenient working network to perform tasks together;
  • selection of the update method – the user decides which updates he wants to install. In addition, in this version, a more flexible configuration of the update process itself is possible, up to and including its disconnection for an indefinite period (in the 'Home' version, this requires resorting to a number of tricks).

Laptop with Windows 10 Pro

Professional version is suitable for small businesses and private entrepreneurs

Windows 10 Enterprise

An even more advanced version for business, this time already large. This corporate operating system is used by many large enterprises around the world. It not only contains all the business opportunities that the Professional version offers, but also goes deeper in this direction. Many things are being improved in the areas of team communication and security. Here are just a few of them:

  • Credential Guard and Device Guard – applications that several times increase the protection of the system and data on it;
  • Direct Access – a program that makes it possible to establish direct remote access to another computer;
  • BranchCache is a setting that speeds up the download and installation of updates.

Windows 10 Enterprise

In the Enterprise version, everything is done for corporations and large businesses

Windows 10 Education

Almost all features of this version are close to Enterprise. But this operating system is not aimed at corporations, but at educational institutions. It is being installed in universities and lyceums. Hence, the only important difference is the lack of support for some corporate functions.

Laptop on the table

Windows 10 Education is designed for educational institutions

Other versions Windows 10

In addition to the main versions, two mobile versions can also be distinguished:

  • Windows 10 Mobile – this operating system is intended for phones from the company Microsoft and some other devices that support operating systems from Windows. The main difference, of course, is in the interface and capabilities of the mobile device;
  • Windows 10 Mobile for business is a version of the mobile operating system that has a number of additional data security settings and more extensive update settings. Some additional business opportunities are supported, albeit in a very limited form compared to operating systems for personal computers.

Windows 10 Mobile

The Windows 10 Mobile version is for mobile devices

And there are also a number of versions that are not intended for private use at all. For example, Windows IoT Core is used in many terminals installed in public places.

Select version Windows 10 for home and work

Which version Windows 10 is best for work, Professional or Enterprise, depends on the size of your business. For most small businesses, the Pro version will be more than enough, while for serious business you will definitely need the corporate version.

For home use, you should choose between Windows 10 Home and the same Windows 10 Professional. The fact is that although the home version seems ideal for installation on a personal computer, a number of additional tools may not be enough for an experienced user. Still, the Pro version offers a few more features, and even if they do not come in handy on a regular basis, it is quite useful to have them at hand. But by installing the Home version, you will not lose much. You will still have access to Windows Hello and other features Windows 10.

Table: Availability of Components and Services in Different Versions Windows 10

Components and services Window 10 Home Window 10 Pro Window 10 Enterprise Window 10 Education
Device encryption
Domain joining
Group Policy Management
Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode (EMIE)
Assigned Access Mode
Remote Desktop
Direct Access
Windows To Go Creator
Controlling the Start Screen with Group Policy
Downloading Unpublished LOB Applications
Mobile device management
Azure Active Directory Join with Single Sign-On to Cloud Applications
Windows Organization Store
Granular UX control
Easy upgrade from Pro to Enterprise
Convenient upgrade from Home to Education
Microsoft Passport
Enterprise Data Protection
Credential Guard
Device Guard
Update Center Windows
Update Center Windows for Business
Current Branch for Business
Long Term Servicing Branch

Recommendations for choosing an operating system for a laptop and a home computer

Most professionals agree that if you choose regardless of the cost of the operating system, then Windows 10 Pro will be the best choice for installation on a laptop or home computer. After all, this is the most complete version of the system intended for home use. More advanced Enterprise and Education are needed for business and study, so there is no point in installing them at home or using them for games.

If you want Windows 10 to reach its full potential at home, then go for the Pro version. It is replete with all kinds of devices and professional applications, the knowledge of which will help you use the system with maximum comfort.

Build selection Windows 10 for games

If we talk about using Windows 10 for games, the difference between Pro and Home builds is minimal. However, both versions have access to standard features Windows 10 in this area. Here the following possibilities can be noted:

  • access to the xbox store – each version Windows 10 has access to the xbox store apps. You can not only purchase games for Xbox one, but also play. When you play, the image from your console will be transferred to your computer;
  • store Windows with games – the store itself Windows also contains a variety of games for this system. All games are optimized and use Windows 10 as a launch platform, getting the most out of the resources used;
  • game panel – by pressing the Win + G key combination you can call the game panel Windows 10. There you can take screenshots and share them with your friends. In addition, there are other functions that depend on your devices. For example, if you have a fairly powerful video card, you can record the gameplay and save it to the cloud storage;
  • Support for resolutions up to 4000 pixels – this allows you to get incredible image quality.

In addition, soon all assemblies Windows 10 will receive Game Mode – a special game mode where computer resources will be allocated to games in the best possible way. And also an interesting innovation for games appeared as part of the update Windows 10 Creators Update. This update was released in April and, in addition to many creative features, includes built-in broadcasting of games – now users do not have to use third-party solutions to launch streams. This will take the popularity of streams as media content to a new level and make this process more accessible to all users. Regardless of which assembly you choose, Home or Professional, in any case, you will have access to many game features of the system Windows 10.

Game interface with built-in video broadcast

An embedded system for streaming games should popularize the Game Mode direction

Video: comparison of editions of different versions of the operating system Windows 10

After careful study of various assemblies Windows, it becomes clear that there are no superfluous ones among them. Each version is used in one area or another and will find its own user group. And information about their differences will help you decide on the choice of an operating system for your needs.

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