How to check your computer for viruses online?

check your computer for viruses online Hello! Today's article will be devoted to antivirus …

I think many people understand that the presence of an antivirus does not provide one hundred percent protection against all misfortunes and hardships, so it will not be superfluous to sometimes check its reliability using third-party programs. And for those who do not have an antivirus, it is even more necessary to scan “unfamiliar” files, and the system as a whole! For a quick system check, it is convenient to use small antivirus programs, in which the virus database itself is located on the server (and not on your computer), and on the local computer you only run the scanner (approximately takes several megabytes).

Let's take a closer look at how to check your computer for viruses online (by the way, let's first look at Russian antiviruses).

Online antivirus

F-Secure Online Scanner

2014-06-12 09_49_11-F-Secure ONLINE SCANNER _ Free computer check and cleaning _ F-Secure Website: https: //

In general, an excellent antivirus for a quick scan of your computer. To start checking, you need to download a small application (4-5MB) from the site (link above) and run it.

More details below.

1. In the top menu of the site, click on the 'run now' button. The browser should offer you to save or run the file, you can immediately choose to launch.

2014-06-12 09_48_57-F-Secure ONLINE SCANNER _ Free computer check and cleaning _ F-Secure

2. After starting the file, a small window will open in front of you, with a proposal to start checking, just agree.

2014-06-12 09_49_41-F-Secure Online Scanner

3. By the way, before checking, I recommend disabling anti-viruses, closing all resource-intensive applications: games, watching movies, etc. Also disable programs that load the Internet channel (torrent client, cancel file downloads, etc.).

An example of scanning a computer for viruses.

2014-06-12 09_50_30-F-Secure Online Scanner


With a connection speed of 50 Mbps, my laptop with OS Windows 8 was tested in ~ 10 minutes. No viruses or foreign objects were found (it means that the antivirus was installed for a reason). An ordinary home computer with Windows 7 was scanned a little longer (most likely due to network load) – 1 object was neutralized. By the way, after rechecking with other antiviruses, there were no more suspicious objects. Overall, the F-Secure Online Scanner makes a very positive impression.

ESET Online Scanner

2014-06-12 10_06_31-ESET Online Scanner is a free service Website:

The world famous Nod 32 is now also included in the free antivirus program, which can quickly and efficiently scan your system online for malicious objects. By the way, in addition to viruses, the program also searches for suspicious and unwanted software (when starting the scan, there is an option to enable / disable this feature).

To run the check, you need:

1. Go to the website and click the 'Run ESET Online Scanner' button.

2014-06-12 10_06_37-ESET Online Scanner is a free service

2. After downloading the file, run it and agree to the terms of use.

2014-06-12 10_07_04-Terms of use

3. Next, ESET Online Scanner will ask you for your scan settings. For example, I didn't scan archives (to save time), and I didn't look for unwanted software.

2014-06-12 10_07_32-ESET Online Scanner

4. Then the program will update its databases (~ 30 sec.) And start checking the system.

2014-06-12 10_09_48-ESET Online Scanner


ESET Online Scanner checks the system very thoroughly. If the first program in this article checked the system in 10 minutes, ESET Online Scanner checked it for about 40 minutes. And this despite the fact that some objects were excluded from scanning in the settings …

Also, after the check, the program provides you with a report on the work done and automatically deletes itself (i.e. after checking and cleaning the system from viruses, there will be no files left on your PC from the antivirus itself). Conveniently!

Panda ActiveScan v2.0

2014-06-12 11_23_13-Specifications_ minimum requirements - ActiveScan 2.0 Website:

This antivirus takes up more space than the others in this article (28 MB versus 3-4), but it allows you to immediately start scanning your computer after downloading the application. In fact, after the file download is complete, it takes 5-10 minutes to scan your computer. Convenient, especially when you need to quickly check your PC and return it to work.

Beginning of work:

1. Download the file. After launching it, the program will prompt you to start checking immediately, agree by clicking on the 'Accept' button at the bottom of the window.

2014-06-12 11_25_30-Panda Cloud Cleaner

2. The scanning process itself is fast enough. For example, my laptop (average by modern standards) was tested in about 20-25 minutes.

By the way, after the scan, the antivirus will delete all its files by itself, i.e. after using it, you will not have viruses or antivirus files.

2014-06-12 11_25_39-Panda Cloud Cleaner

BitDefender QuickScan


This antivirus is installed in your browser as an add-on and checks the system. To start scanning, go to and click on the 'Scan now' button.

2014-06-12 11_36_08-Fast & Free Online Virus Scanner - Bitdefender Quickscan

Then allow the installation of the add-on in your browser (I personally checked it in Firefox and Chrome browsers – everything worked). After that, the system check will start – see the screenshot below.

2014-06-12 11_39_19-Fast & Free Online Virus Scanner - Bitdefender Quickscan

By the way, after checking, you are offered to install a free antivirus of the same name for a period of half a year. Can I agree ?!

2014-06-12 11_40_22-Fast & Free Online Virus Scanner - Bitdefender Quickscan


What is the advantage of online verification?

1. Fast and convenient. We downloaded the file 2-3 Mb, launched it and checked the system. No updates, settings, keys, etc.

2. Does not hang constantly in the computer memory and does not load the processor.

3. Can be used in conjunction with a regular antivirus (ie get 2 antiviruses on one PC).


1. Does not protect constantly in real time. Those. you must remember not to run downloaded files immediately; run only after antivirus check.

2. You need high-speed Internet access. There are no problems for residents of large cities, but for the rest …

3. Not as effective scan as a full-fledged antivirus, there are not so many options: parental control, firewall, whitelisting, on-demand (scheduled) scan, etc.

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