How to check internet speed on your Android smartphone


Android devices have a special option that displays the speed of the Internet connection in real time. But this parameter can be measured not only on mobile gadgets with Android, for them and all other devices there are other accessible and simple methods.

How to check internet speed on your Android smartphone

Specialized sites

Portals for measuring connection speed work according to the same principle. You need to go to the site and press a special button to start testing. Below is a list of popular and easy-to-use portals that measure data transfer rates quickly and reliably.


This Yandex service is located at You can also find it from the main page of the search engine by going to the full list of services provided. Immediately after logging in, the page will display detailed information about the current connection: IP address, browser used, region and even the current time of the device (with an indication of the possible error). To specify the baud rate, press the 'Measure' button located at the bottom of the screen.

Advantages of Yandex.Internetometer:

  • accurate data on incoming and outgoing connections;
  • speed measurement in 10 seconds;
  • lots of additional useful information about the device.

Another easy way to measure Internet speed is to use the portal. The required option is in the 'Internet connection speed' section, the measurement will start after pressing the 'Test' button.

Pros of using

  • informative and concise display of information;
  • ease of use;
  • the ability to find out the current IP address.

The site allows you to quickly and accurately measure the current speed not only for mobile devices, but also for all types of computers. Its significant drawback is the abundance of advertising.

Positive aspects of

  • high measurement accuracy;
  • getting results in a few clicks;
  • the procedure takes no more than 1 minute.

One of the popular sites in this collection is It has been trusted by several generations of users. features:

  • providing results in the form of Mbps speed and Ping in milliseconds;
  • displaying data for the incoming and outgoing stream;
  • concise, understandable and recognizable interface.

How to check internet speed on your Android smartphone


Another option for measuring is to install one of the following applications on your mobile device. They are all available for various platforms.


This program differs from analogs in the presence of an automatic check function according to the parameters previously specified by the user.

Features of using SPEEDCHECK:

  • the program independently evaluates the possibility of using online games, watching videos and other services, based on the speed data;
  • the site provides information about IP, ping, name of the current network;
  • tests all types of connections over mobile networks: LTE, 3G, 4G.

This application is a continuation of the site of the same name. Its interface and functionality differ little from the online version.

Features of the program:

  • quick test, to start which you only need to press one button;
  • the ability to independently adjust the test settings, for example, select a region;
  • displaying as a result not only the speed of the Internet, but also other data about the state of the network.

Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite

This cross-platform application ranks among the top three mobile tests.

Pros of Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite:

  • small size of the application, simple and concise appearance;
  • saving the results from the moment of installation and displaying them in the form of a table during a new test;
  • lack of additional options and complex settings.

Simple Speed ​​Test

The Simple Speed ​​Test application is better known to users by its former name – Simple SpeedCheck. However, due to this rebranding, the principle of its use has not changed.

Positive aspects of Simple Speed ​​Test:

  • displaying the result in the form of a graph, facilitating comparison and analytics;
  • the ability to maintain the provider parameters used when connecting;
  • saving the history of changes made by the user.

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