How to check a used phone before buying, so that later you do not regret wasted money

To buy a used smartphone is profitable, you need to approach it very responsibly. Only by thoroughly checking your device before purchasing can you be sure that you are not wasting your money.

How to check a used phone before buying, so that later you do not regret wasted money

Check by IMEI or serial number

IMEI is a unique 15-digit code that identifies a mobile device on the network. When buying a handset, it is important to check the IMEI to make sure that the gadget is not wanted or legally imported into the country. To find out this code, just dial # 06 #. This combination works on almost all smartphones and even push-button phones.

You can check if the phone is on the wanted list using various online services. For example, you can go to the SNDeepInfo website (, which will provide all information about the smartphone after you enter its IMEI or serial number. This will help you avoid not only buying stolen, but also a fake or artisanal refurbished device. The fact is that the serial number and IMEI allow you to find out various characteristics of a smartphone: memory size, body color, firmware version, production date. Often, after a major repair, this information ceases to correspond to reality, and if the gadget is fake, then you will not see any information about it at all.

It will be useful to check the IMEI in the phone's memory with the IMEI, which is on the box from under the smartphone and the warranty card. This will help you once again make sure that you are buying a smartphone from the owner, and not some reseller.

Appearance and screen

How to check a used phone before buying, so that later you do not regret wasted money

When buying a smartphone from your hands, pay attention to its appearance. There is nothing wrong with minor scratches on its case. This will only say that it was actually used. Chips, cracks and dents should be strained. They say that the device has been dropped and something more serious may be hidden behind external damage, which the seller is silent about. It is better to refuse such options immediately if you are not engaged in electronics repair.

The screen is the most important thing in a smartphone. Its replacement is often comparable to the price of a gadget, so you need to carefully consider and test it. To detect dead pixels, just download several bright pictures of different colors to your phone. If there are dead pixels, you will see them immediately. Samsung smartphones, for example, have built-in software that tests the screen. To start it, you need to dial # 0 #.

In addition to dead pixels, pay attention to highlights. They signal that the screen has been crushed or exposed to water. It is also quite difficult not to notice them. Just scroll through several different multi-colored pictures in a row or run a special application that tests the screen, of which there are a lot in the Play Market.


Checking the battery's performance in a short period is problematic, but you can still understand that it is in poor condition. Taking the smartphone in hand, pay attention to how many percent of the charge remains. If after 10-15 minutes the number of percentages has decreased by 5 or more, then the battery will have to be changed in the near future. At the same time, there are no bumps on the back of the case, which indicate a swollen battery, and the case itself should not heat up quickly, which can also signal battery malfunctions.

Also, various utilities can be suitable for checking the battery, since Android is an open operating system that provides even third-party applications with access to a large amount of data. Download and install, for example, AccuBattery. It will show the wear of the battery and its current state. If the Battery Health column is below 80 percent, then the battery condition is poor.

Biometric Authentication Sensors

If the gadget has a fingerprint scanner, be sure to check it. He must respond quickly to touch. Any delays can indicate emerging problems. It would be useful to check the camera of visual identification, which should also work without delay.

Camera performance

How to check a used phone before buying, so that later you do not regret wasted money

The cameras on your smartphone should not be scratched or fogged up. This will greatly interfere with shooting. Be sure to open the camera application and check all shooting modes to check the functionality of each of the modules. Keep in mind that if the device is on a budget, then even fully functional cameras will not help you take good pictures.

Test call

Many have begun to forget that the main function of a smartphone is the ability to make calls. Therefore, do not forget to check the performance of the earpiece and microphone before buying a used phone. To do this, it will be enough to make a call and make sure that the speaker does not distort the interlocutor's speech, and the microphone does not add unnecessary noise to your speech.

When buying a used phone, take your time and don't be afraid to ask questions to its owner. You are spending your money and must be sure that you are spending it profitably, and do not get yourself unnecessary problems.

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