How to capture video from the screen and edit it (2 in 1)

video recording and editing Good day.

“It's better to see once than hear a hundred times” – this is how popular wisdom says. And in my opinion, it is 100% correct.

In fact, many things are easier to explain to a person by showing how this is done by example, by recording a video for him from his screen, desktop (well, or screenshots with explanations, as I do on my blog). Nowadays, there are dozens and even hundreds of programs for capturing video from the screen (as well as for taking screenshots), but many of them do not contain any convenient editors. Thus, you have to save the record, then open it, edit it, save it again.

Not the best approach: firstly, time is wasted (what if you need to shoot hundreds of videos and make edits to them ?!); secondly, quality is lost (every time a video is saved); thirdly, a whole company of programs begins to accumulate … In general, I want to deal with this problem in this mini instruction. But first things first…

Software for recording video of what is happening on the screen (great 5!)

More details about programs for recording video from the screen are described in this article: Here I will give only brief information about the software, sufficient for the framework of this article.

1) Movavi Screen Capture Studio


2016-07-18 21_51_39-Beginning

An extremely convenient program that combines 2 in 1 at once: video recording and editing (saving in various formats by itself). What is most captivating is the focus on the user, using the program is so simple that even a person who has never worked with any video editors can figure it out! By the way, when installing, pay attention to the checkboxes: in the program installer there are checkboxes for third-party software (it is better to remove them). The program is paid, but for those who are going to work with video often – the price is more than affordable.

2) Fastone

Website: http: //www.faststone .org/


A very simple program (moreover, free), with great capabilities for taking video and screenshots from the screen. There are some editing tools, though not the same as the first one, but still. Works in all versions Windows: XP, 7, 8, 10.

3) UVScreenCamera

Website: http: //


A simple program for recording video from the screen, there are some editing tools. The best quality can be achieved in it if you record video in its 'native' format (which only this program can read). There are problems with sound recording (if you don't need it, you can safely choose this 'softphone').

4) Fraps

Website: http: //www.fraps .com/download.php


A free program (and, by the way, one of the best!) For recording video from games. The developers have implemented their own codec into the program, which compresses video quickly (although it compresses poorly, i.e. the size of the video turns out to be large). This way, you can record how you play and then edit this video. Thanks to this approach of the developers, you can record video even on relatively weak computers!

5) HyperCam

Site: http: //


This program is good at capturing images from the screen and sound and saves them in various formats (MP4, AVI, WMV). You can create video presentations, clips, videos, etc. The program can be installed on a USB flash drive. Of the minuses – the program is paid …

The process of capturing video from the screen and editing it

(Using the Movavi Screen Capture Studio program as an example)

Movavi Screen Capture Studio was not chosen by chance – the fact is that you only need to press two buttons to start recording video! The first button, by the way, of the same name, is shown in the screenshot below ('Screen Capture').

1-screen capture

Next, you will see a simple window: the shooting boundaries will be shown, the lower part of the window contains the settings: sound, cursor, capture area, microphone, effects, etc. (screenshot below).

In most cases, here it is enough to select the recording area and adjust the sound: for example, along the way, you can turn on the microphone and comment on your actions. Then press the REC (orange) button to start recording.

2-selection of capture area

A couple of important points:

1) The demo version of the program allows you to record a video within 2 minutes. 'War and Peace' cannot be recorded, but many moments can be shown in time.

2) You can adjust the frame rate. For example, select 60 frames per second for high quality video (by the way, it is a popular format lately and not many programs allow recording in this mode).

3) Sound can be captured from almost any audio device, for example: speakers, speakers, headphones, calls to Skype, sounds of other programs, microphones, MIDI devices, etc. Such opportunities are generally unique …

4) The program can remember and show your pressed buttons on the keyboard. The program also easily highlights your mouse cursor, so that the user can easily view the captured video. By the way, even the volume of a mouse click can be adjusted.

After you stop recording, you will be presented with a window with the results and a proposal to save or edit the video. Before saving, I recommend adding some effects or at least a preview (so that you yourself will remember in six months what this video is about :)).


Next, the captured video will be opened in the editor. Classic type editor (many video editors have a similar style). In principle, everything is intuitive and easy to understand (especially since the program is COMPLETELY in Russian – this, by the way, is another argument in favor of its choice). The view of the editor is shown in the screenshot below.

3-window editor

editor window (clickable)

How to add captions to captured video

Quite a popular question. Titles help the viewer immediately understand what this video is about, who made it, see some features about it (depending on what you write in them :)).

Captions in the program are easy enough to add. When you go into editor mode (i.e. click the 'edit' button after capturing the video), notice the column on the left: there will be a 'T' button (i.e. credits, see screenshot below).


Then just select the title you need from the list and drag it (using the mouse) to the end or beginning of your video (by the way, when you select a title, the program automatically plays it so that you can evaluate whether it suits you. Very convenient! ).

Transfer titles

To add your data to the titles – just double-click the left mouse button on the title (screenshot below) and in the video preview window you will see a small editor window where you can enter your data. By the way, in addition to entering data, you can change the size of the titles themselves: to do this, just hold down the left mouse button and drag the edge of the window border (in general, as in any other program).

New titles

Editing titles (clickable)

Important! The program also has the ability to overlay:

– Filters. This thing is useful if, for example, you decide to make the video black and white, or to lighten it, etc. The program has several types of filters, when you select each of them, you are shown an example of how to change the video when it is overlaid;

– Transitions. This can be used if you want to cut a video into 2 parts or, on the contrary, glue 2 clips together, and between them add some interesting moment with fading or smooth collapse of one video and the appearance of another. You've probably seen this a lot in other videos or movies.

Filters and transitions are superimposed on the video in the same way as the titles, which are discussed a little above (so I will focus on them).

Save video

When the video is edited as you need (filters, transitions, titles and other moments have been added), you just have to click the 'Save' button: then select the save settings (for beginners, you can not even change anything, the program sets the optimal settings by default) and click the 'Start' button.

Save video

Then you will see a window similar to the one in the screenshot below. The duration of the saving process depends on your video: its duration, quality, the number of applied filters, transitions, etc. (and of course, on the power of the PC). At this time, it is advisable not to launch other extraneous resource-intensive tasks: games, editors, etc.


Well, in fact, when the video is ready, you can open it in any player and watch your video lesson. By the way, the properties of the resulting video are presented below – they are no different from the usual video that can be found on the network.

2016-07-19 19_36_13-Video properties

Thus, using such a program, you can quickly and efficiently shoot a whole series of videos and edit them appropriately. With a 'full' hand, videos will turn out to be of very high quality, just like experienced 'video creators' :).

That's all for me, good luck and a little patience (sometimes you need it when working with video editors).

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