How to burn video to disc for watching on DVD player?

How to burn video to disc Hello.

Today, it should be admitted that DVD / CD discs are not as popular as they were 5-6 years ago. Now many no longer use them at all, preferring instead flash drives and external hard drives (which are rapidly gaining popularity).

Actually, I also hardly use DVD discs, but at the request of one friend I had to do it …


  • 1. Important Features of Burning Video to Disc to Be Readable by DVD Player
  • 2. Burn disc for DVD player
    • 2.1. Method number 1 – automatic converting files and burning them to a DVD disc
    • 2.2. Method number 2 – 'manual mode' in 2 steps

1. Important Features of Burning Video to Disc to be Readable by DVD Player

Admittedly, most video files are distributed in AVI format. If you just take such a file and burn it to a disc, then many modern DVD players will read it, but many will not. Old-style players will either not read such a disc at all, or will give an error when viewing.

In addition, the AVI format is just a container, and the codecs for compressing video and audio in two AVI files can be completely different! (by the way, codecs for Windows 7, 8 –

And if there is no difference on a computer when playing an AVI file, then on a DVD player the difference can be significant – one file will open, the other will not!

In order for the video to open 100% and play in the DVD player, it must be recorded in the format of a standard DVD disc (in MPEG 2 format). DVD disc in this case is 2 folders: AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS.

Therefore, to burn a DVD disc, you need to do 2 steps:

1. converting AVI format to DVD format (MPEG 2 codec), which can be read by all DVD players (including the old model);

2. Writing to DVD disc of folders AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS, which were received during conversion.

In this article I will consider several ways to burn a DVD disc: automatic (when the program completes these two steps) and the 'manual' option (when you first need to convert the files and then burn them to disc).

2. Burn disc for DVD player

2.1. Method number 1 – automatically convert files and burn them to a DVD disc

The first method, in my opinion, is more suitable for novice users. Yes, it will take a little more time (despite the 'automatic' execution of all tasks), but no unnecessary operations are needed.

You will need Freemake Video Converter to burn a DVD disc.


Freemake Video Converter

2015-07-12 08_03_38-Video Converter from Freemake

Developer site:


Its main advantages are support for the Russian language, a huge variety of supported formats, an intuitive interface, and the program is also free.

It is very easy to create a DVD in it.

1) First, press the add video button and specify which files you would like to place on DVD (see Fig. 1). By the way, keep in mind that you won't be able to burn the entire collection of films from the hard disk onto one 'unfortunate' disc: the more files you add, the lower quality they will be compressed. It is optimal to add (in my opinion) no more than 2-3 films.

2015-07-11 13_38_23-adding video

Figure: 1.adding video

2) Then select the option to burn a DVD disc in the program (see Fig. 2).

2015-07-11 13_39_28-Freemake Video Converter

Figure: 2.create DVD to Freemake Video Converter

3) Next, specify the DVD drive (into which a blank DVD is inserted) and press the convert button (by the way, if you do not want to burn the disc right away, the program allows you to prepare an ISO image for subsequent burning to a disc).

Please note: Freemake Video Converter automatically adjusts the quality of your added videos so that they all fit on the disc!

How to burn video to disc for watching on DVD player

Figure: 3. Options for converting to DVD

4) The conversion and recording process can be quite lengthy. Depends on the power of your PC, the quality of the original video, the number of converted files, etc.

For example: I was creating a DVD disc with one medium-length movie (about 1.5 hours). It took about 23 minutes to create such a disk.

Figure:  5. Recording completed

Figure: 5. Converting and burning the disc is completed. 1 movie took 22 minutes!

The resulting disc is played like a regular DVD (see Fig. 6). Such a disc, by the way, can be played on any DVD player!

Figure:  6.dvd playback ...

Figure: 6. DVD playback …

2.2. Method number 2 – 'manual mode' in 2 steps

As I said above in the article, in the so-called 'manual' mode, you need to perform 2 actions: convert the video file to DVD format, and then write the resulting files to disk. Let's take a closer look at each step …

1. Create AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS / Convert AVI file to DVD format

There are a lot of programs for solving this issue on the network. Many users advise to use the Nero software package for this task (which already now 'weighs' about 2-3 GB) or ConvertXtoDVD.

I will share a small program that (in my opinion) converts files faster than these two glorified programs instead of taken …

DVD Flick

Officer. website:


– supports a bunch of files (almost any video file can be imported into the program;

– a finished DVD disc can be burned with a large number of programs (links to manuals are given on the site);

– works very quickly;

– there is nothing superfluous in the settings (even a 5-year-old child can figure it out).

Let's move on to converting video to DVD format. After installing and running the program, you can immediately proceed to adding files. To do this, click the 'Add title…' button (see fig. 7).

1- add video file

Figure: 7.adding a video file

After the files are added, you can proceed immediately to getting the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders. To do this, simply click the Create DVD button. As you can see, there is nothing superfluous in the program – however, we do not create a menu either (but most of those who burn a DVD do not need it).

2 - start creating dvd disc

Figure: 8.start DVD creation

By the way, the program has options in which you can set for which disc the size of the finished video should be adjusted.

3 - program options

Figure: 9. 'fit' the video to the desired disk size

Next, you will see a window with the results of the program. Conversion, as a rule, takes quite a long time and sometimes takes the same amount of time as the movie. The time will mainly depend on the power of your computer and its load during the process.

4 - disc creation report

Figure: 10. disc creation report …

2. Burn video to DVD disc

The resulting AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders with video can be burned to a DVD disc with a large number of programs. Personally, for burning to CD / DVD discs, I use one famous program – Ashampoo Burning Studio (very simple; there is nothing superfluous; you can fully work, even if you see it for the first time).

Official website:

Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE - At a Glance

Figure: 11. Ashampoo

After installation and launch, you just have to click on the 'Video -> Video DVD from folder' button. Then select the folder where you saved the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS directories and burn the disc.

Burning of a disc lasts, on average, 10-15 minutes (depends mainly on the DVD disc and the speed of your drive).

Burning software - Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE

Figure: 12. Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE

Alternative programs for creating and burning a DVD disc:

1. ConvertXtoDVD – very convenient, there are Russian versions of the program. It is inferior to DVD Flick only in conversion speed (in my opinion).

2. Video Master – the program is not bad, but paid. You can use it for free for only 10 days.

3. Nero – a huge large software package for working with CD / DVD discs, paid.

That's all, good luck everyone!

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