How to block ads in Google Chrome?

Google-chrome 'Advertising is one of the greatest arts of the 20th century' … Perhaps this could have ended, if not for one thing: sometimes there is so much of it that it interferes with the normal perception of information, in fact, for which the user comes, entering one or another site.

In this case, the user has to choose from two “evils”: either put up with the abundance of advertising and just stop noticing it, or install additional programs that will block it, and thereby load the processor and slow down the computer as a whole. By the way, if these programs would only slow down your computer, it’s half the trouble, sometimes they hide many elements of the site, without which you cannot see the menus or functions you need! And normal advertising allows you to keep abreast of the latest news, novelties and trends …

In this article, we'll talk about how to block ads in Google Chrome – one of the most popular browsers on the Internet!

1. Blocking ads with a standard browser function

Google Chrome already has a default feature that can protect you from multiple pop-ups. it is usually enabled by default, but sometimes … Better check.

First, go to the browser settings: in the upper right corner, click on the 'three stripes' and select the 'settings' menu.

2014-01-08 17_52_23-

Next, scroll the page to the limit and look for the inscription: 'show additional settings'.

2014-01-08 17_53_11-Settings

Now in the 'Personal data' section, click on the 'Content settings' button.

2014-01-08 17_54_10-Settings

Next, you need to find the 'Pop-ups' section and put a 'circle' in front of the 'Block pop-ups on all sites (recommended)' item.

That's it, now most of the ads related to pop-ups will be blocked. Conveniently!

2014-01-08 17_54_25-Settings - Page content settings

By the way, just below there is a 'Manage Exceptions' button. If you have sites that you visit every day and you want to keep abreast of all the news on this site, you can add it to the list of exceptions. This way, you will see all the advertisements on this site.

2014-01-08 17_55_12-Settings - Pop-ups

2. Adguard – ad blocking program

Another great way to get rid of ads is to install a special filter program: Adguard.

You can download the program from the official website:

Installing and configuring the program is very simple. Just run the file downloaded from the above link, then the 'wizard' is launched, which will set everything up and quickly guide you through all the details.

2014-01-08 18_20_40-Internet filter Adguard_download Adguard installer

What is especially pleasing is that the program does not approach advertising so radically: i.e. it can be flexibly configured which ads to block and which not.

2014-01-08 18_23_36-Adguard Internet Filter

For example, Adguard will block all ads that make sounds that appear out of nowhere, all pop-up banners that interfere with the perception of information. More loyal to text advertising, near which there is a warning that this is not an element of the site, but an advertisement. In principle, the approach is correct, because very often it is advertising that helps to find better and cheaper goods.

The screenshot below shows the main window of the program. Here you can see how much Internet traffic was scanned and filtered, how many advertisements were removed, configure settings and introduce exceptions. Conveniently!

2014-01-08 18_25_19-Adguard Internet filter

3. Adblock – browser extension

One of the best ad blocking extensions for Google Chrom is Adblock. To install it, you just need to follow the link and agree with its installation. Next, the browser will automatically download it and connect to work.

2014-01-08 18_07_27-AdBlock installed!

Now all the tabs that you open will be ad-free! True, there is one misunderstanding: sometimes quite decent elements of the site fall under the advertisement: for example, videos, banners describing a particular section, etc.

An application icon will appear in the upper right corner of Google Chrome: 'white hand on a red background'.

2014-01-08 18_07_49-AdBlock installed!

When entering a website, numbers will appear on this icon, which signal to the user how many ads have been blocked by this extension.

If you click on the icon at this moment, you can get detailed information on the blocking.

2014-01-08 18_08_39-

By the way, what is very convenient is that in Adblock you can refuse ad blocking at any second without deleting the add-on itself. This is done simply: by clicking on the 'pause Adblock' tab.

2014-01-08 18_08_59-

If you are not satisfied with disabling the blocking completely, then there is an option not to block ads only on a specific site, or even on a specific page!


Despite the fact that some of the ads hinder the user, some, on the contrary, help him find the information he is looking for. To completely abandon it – I think, is not entirely correct. A more preferable option, after familiarizing yourself with the site: either close it and not return, or, if you need to work with it, and it is all in advertising, add it to the filter. Thus, you can fully perceive the information on the site, and not waste time loading ads every time.

The easiest way to block ads in the Google Chrome browser is using the Adblock add-on. Installing the Adguard application is also a good alternative.

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