How scammers cheat men for money on dating sites: 5 common methods of cheating

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Dating sites help single people find personal happiness. But for some it is a place of dishonest earnings. Swindlers, for example, hiding behind beautiful photos, extort money from men, and considerable money. Let's figure out what schemes scammers use and how not to fall for their tricks.

How scammers cheat men for money on dating sites: 5 common methods of cheating

Blackmail by the police

A girl from a dating site, having struck up a conversation with a man, provokes him into long conversations. Within a few days she knows everything about the 'client'. The correspondence takes on a very frank character and the girl offers to exchange photos in the 'nude' style. Warming up the man's interest, the first one sends an intimate photo, and then receives response pictures.

After that, an unpleasant call awaits the online gentleman: a police representative says that they received an appeal from the parents of a new acquaintance with whom the man corresponded. This girl is supposedly underage and now the would-be gentleman faces responsibility for seducing a child. You can settle the conflict amicably, but you need to pay for this. The amount is voiced by the girl's 'parents' in the next call.

What to do: don't pay. Contact a lawyer. Tell the callers that you will act according to the law. This will immediately scare off speculators. If the girl really was real, then the help of a lawyer is all the more necessary: ​​no one guarantees that even after receiving money, the parents will not write a statement or will not constantly blackmail.

Family and work blackmail

Sharing intimate photos can lead to another blackmail. The girl, having received the pictures, invites the man to meet. Moreover, on its territory. The delighted gentleman calls the address and waits for his girlfriend, but only SMS is waiting. Its text is simple: a man is offered to pay so that his neighbors, wife, mother or other relatives do not see his pictures, pasted in the entrance or laid out in mailboxes.

Here the following option is also possible: the girl finds out the work address, supposedly for a meeting, and then the man is blackmailed by his colleagues. If you don't pay, they will see naked photos.

What to do: don't pay. Even if you fulfill the requirements of the scammers, no one can guarantee that they do not use pictures. In addition, you should not send photos that can be identified – for example, you can see your face or personal features (moles, tattoos, scars).

Insecure sites

Some scammers from the network behave playfully from the very first minutes of communication. Their goal is to interest the man as much as possible. As soon as the client is 'ripe', a new acquaintance offers to go for frank conversations, for example, in anonymous video chat. To do this, a man must follow the link sent. There it will become clear that it is necessary to register on the site, then confirm it via SMS to a short number. After that, money is debited from the account of the gentleman, and the playful girlfriend disappears.

What to do: Don't trust tempting offers. If the girl inclines you to video communication, then offer her proven services. If the interlocutor stubbornly invites you to an unknown site, then stop communicating – most likely this is a scammer.

Asking for money

A new acquaintance from the network can please with an unexpected event: the girl has a birthday, she successfully defended her diploma, received a promotion, etc. She certainly wants to share the happiness of what happened with the man she likes. Therefore, in paints she describes her mood to him, not forgetting to mention that she would like to celebrate the event with a gift to herself. Naturally, the victim of the scammer takes this as a call to action and offers financial assistance.

Another scenario is also possible. The girl offers to meet and celebrate together. When a couple of hours remain until the appointed time, a friend suddenly has trouble: a bag was stolen, and there was a wallet and bank cards in it, or she had an accident and needed money to resolve the conflict. In an attempt to impress the girl, the man offers to transfer the required amount. Naturally, then no one comes to the date.

What to do: do not send money to friends from the network, especially if you have never seen a person. You can offer to drive up to the location of the girl and help deal with the accident or meet her. The scammer will not be satisfied with this situation and she will immediately disappear.


An interlocutor from the network may offer to meet in a completely plausible place: a restaurant, cinema or hotel. However, not everything is simple here either. It turns out that a table in a restaurant or a hotel room must be booked in advance on the website and only on a prepayment basis. The link is sent by the fraudster herself. As soon as a man places an order and the money is debited from his account, the date breaks down: the acquaintance stops communicating.

What to do: Do ​​not agree to prepayment. Suggest your meeting point similar to the one chosen by the girl. The swindler will also disappear, but she will be able to save her money.

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