How much do employees of the largest search engines and social networks receive

It is no secret that today one of the main sources of income is increasingly becoming work on the Internet. Almost everyone knows what Yandex is, Facebook, VKontakte and other popular Internet sites. Well-known companies attract employees with high salaries and loyal working conditions, and you can work without even leaving your home.


Payroll in Yandex

Every user who has even a little Internet experience knows about Yandex. Yandex is known as a search engine.

A huge number of employees work in the company's offices and on 'free bread'. Attractive working conditions: free schedule, high salary, all kinds of benefits, health care, career opportunities are the basis of the flow of applicants.

But the company also makes its own high demands: you can come to work at a convenient time, but the employee must always remember that it will be necessary to complete tasks on time, “burn” in the workplace, and be ready for irregular working hours.

Wages meet these conditions. And especially valuable and important employees have excellent bonuses in the form of a stake in the company. The spread of salaries is large:

  • the salary of a product manager reaches up to 2 million 540 thousand rubles a year;
  • a developer can earn up to 1 million 765 thousand rubles a year.

Of course, in order to be a head of a department and receive 500 thousand a month, you need to have certain skills. This position requires high professional knowledge and experience.

  • but even the simplest managerial vacancy is paid adequately – 57 thousand rubles a month;
  • the interface developer has an income of 73 thousand rubles;
  • software developer on average – 91 thousand rubles

How much do Google employees earn

According to Alphabet, which owns Google, the average employee salary per year is about 13 million rubles. In Russia, hired workers have salaries of 6-7 million a year. In England, this figure is 2 times higher.

Salary at Google is the main incentive to work efficiently and productively. The company cares about the comfort of its employees, doing everything for the convenience of work and creating favorable conditions for an abundance of ideas.

Wages are based on a certain scheme and depend on the quality of work:

  • base rate;
  • starting bonus;
  • promotions;
  • annual bonus.

The financial director of the office can grow up to 21 million rubles a year. Low-paid specialists, ordinary managers, get a salary of 3.2 million rubles a year. Which is not bad at all for professionals of this level.

What is the salary of employees Facebook

Facebook is one of the corporations that generously pay their employees. Naturally, as in most tech companies, the most in-demand specialty is software engineer.

The vacancy of an IT specialist assumes an income of 4.3 million rubles per year. High salaries because the main burden of implementing the team's ideas falls on programmers Facebook.

The most lucrative profession in engineering is developing self-learning PPC systems. They receive about 4 million rubles a year. Regular programmers have 3.6 million rubles a year.

In addition, Facebook does not infringe on the rights of young professionals and allows them to earn up to 2 million a year at the initial stages. This approach significantly attracts a stream of smart and talented young people to the company.

How much do Odnoklassniki employees receive

As you know, Odnoklassniki belong to Group. The lion's share of the company's income comes from advertising and sales of postcards, stickers and games.

The company does not want to share full reports on revenue on Odnoklassniki, but it is still known that it paid more than 300 million rubles to developers of mobile games.

Developers have a certain share of payments from users of this social network, which is equal to 55% of revenues from mobile games.

Do VKontakte employees pay a lot

The average age of those who work in VK is 25-35 years. The company's management clearly distinguishes between managers and developers.

Each mercenary has his own tasks that correspond to his skills and abilities. It's like a big anthill, where everyone knows their place and does their job.

According to employees, VK allows you to earn as much as you want and as much as you have enough strength. Particularly zealous workers, working hard throughout the year, can afford to buy an apartment.

The VKontakte company does not publish exact figures on earnings, but, according to some information, walking on the net, the best developers receive bonuses of up to 8 million rubles.

It is obvious that working in well-known corporations provides tremendous opportunities not only to earn money, but also to advance, develop in the profession. Attractive conditions and valuable attitude towards personnel are the best environment for growth.

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