How many cores are in a computer, laptop?

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Here is such a seemingly trivial question, 'how many cores are there in a computer?' asked quite often. Moreover, this question began to arise relatively recently. 10 years ago, when buying a computer, users paid attention to the processor only in terms of the number of megahertz (after all, the processors were single-core).

Now the situation has changed: manufacturers most often produce PCs and laptops with two-, four-core processors (they provide higher performance and are affordable for a wide range of buyers).

To find out how many cores are on your computer, you can use special utilities (more on them below), or you can use built-in tools Windows. Let's consider all the methods in order …

1. Method number 1 – task manager

To call the task manager: hold down the 'CNTRL + ALT + DEL' or 'CNTRL + SHIFT + ESC' buttons (works in Windows XP, 7, 8, 10).

Next, you need to go to the 'performance' tab and you will see the number of cores on the computer. By the way, this method is the simplest, fastest and one of the most reliable.

For example, on my laptop with OS Windows 10, the task manager looks like in Fig. 1 (just below in the article (2 cores on a computer)).

Figure:  1. Task Manager in Windows 10

Figure: 1. Task manager at Windows 10 (shows the number of cores). By the way, pay attention to the fact that there are 4 logical processors (many confuse them with cores, but this is not the case). More on this at the bottom of this article.

By the way, in the OS Windows 7, the number of cores is determined in the same way. It is even possible more clearly, since each core shows its own 'rectangle' with the load. Figure 2 below is from OS Windows 7 (English version).

Windows - 7 --- number-of-cores-2

Figure: 2. Windows 7: the number of cores – 2 (by the way, this method is not always reliable, since the number of logical processors is shown here, which does not always coincide with the real number of cores. More on this at the end of the article).

2. Method number 2 – through the Device Manager

You need to open the device manager and go to the 'processes' tab. By the way, the device manager can be opened through the control panel Windows by entering a query like 'manager …' in the search box. See fig. 3.

Figure:  3. Control Panel - Search for Device Manager.

Figure: 3. Control Panel – Search for Device Manager.

Further, in the device manager, by opening the desired tab, we can only count how many cores are in the processor.

Figure:  3. Fig.  3. Device Manager.  This computer has a dual-core processor.

Figure: 3. Device Manager (Processors tab). This computer has a dual-core processor.

3. Method number 3 – HWiNFO utility

Blog article about her:

An excellent utility for determining the basic characteristics of your computer. Moreover, there is a portable version that does not need to be installed! All you have to do is run the program and give it 10 seconds to collect information about your PC.

Figure:  4. How many cores are in a computer, laptop

Figure: 4. The figure shows how many cores are in a laptop Acer Aspire 5552G.

4th option – Aida utility

Aida 64

Official website:

2016-01-10 09_14_43-Aida

An excellent utility in all respects (minus – unless it is paid …)! Allows you to find out the maximum information from your computer (laptop). It is quite easy and quick to find out information about the processor (and the number of its cores). After starting the utility, go to the section: motherboard / CPU / Multi CPU tab.

Figure:  5. AIDA64 - view information about the processor.

Figure: 5. AIDA64 – view information about the processor.

By the way, one remark should be made here: despite the fact that 4 lines are shown (in Fig. 5) – the number of cores is 2 (this can be reliably determined by looking at the 'summary information' tab). At this point, I specifically drew attention, since many people confuse the number of cores and logical processors (moreover, this is sometimes used by dishonest sellers, selling a two-core processor as a four-core …).

The number of cores is 2, the number of logical processors is 4. How can this be?

In new processors from Intel, logical processors are 2 times larger than physical ones thanks to HyperThreading technology. One core executes 2 threads at once. There is no sense in chasing the number of 'such cores' (in my opinion …). The growth from this new technology depends on the applications launched and the politicization of them.

Some games may not get a performance boost at all, while others will noticeably. A significant increase can be obtained, for example, when encoding video.

In general, the main thing here is the following: the number of cores is the number of cores and should not be confused with the number of logical processors … PS

What other utilities can be used to determine the number of computer cores:

  1. Everest;
  2. PC Wizard;
  3. Speccy;
  4. CPU-Z, etc.

And on this I deviate, I hope the information will be useful. For the additions, as always, many thanks to everyone.

All the best ?

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