How do I rename multiple file s?

fileIt often happens that a large number of files with completely different names accumulate on your hard disk, which do not say anything about their content. Well, for example, you have downloaded hundreds of pictures about landscapes, and the names of all files are different.

Why not rename some files to 'picture-landscape-no …'. This is what we will try to do in this article, we need 3 steps.

To perform this task, you need a program – Total Commander (to download, follow the link: Total Commander is one of the most convenient and popular file managers. With it you can do many interesting things, it is included in the recommended list of the most needed programs, after installation Windows:

1) Run Total Commander, go to the folder with our files and select all that we want to rename. In our case, a dozen pictures were selected. Total Commander (x64) 8.01 - BurSoft_2013-12-28_18-17-43

2) Next, click File / Batch Rename, as in the picture below.

Total Commander (x64) 8.01 - BurSoft_2013-12-28_18-17-54

3) If you did everything correctly, you should see something like the following window (see screenshot below).

Batch renaming_2013-12-28_18-18-25

In the upper left corner there is a column 'File name mask'. Here you can enter a file name that will appear in all files that will be renamed. Then you can press the counter button – the '[C]' sign will appear in the file name mask line – this is a counter that will allow you to rename files in order: 1, 2, 3, etc.

In the center you can see several columns: in the first you see the old file names, on the right – those names into which the files will be renamed after you click on the 'Run' button.

Actually, this is the end of the article.

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