How do I instantly minimize all windows ?

windowsThe operating system Windows has a special function for minimizing all open windows, by the way, not everyone knows about it. Recently I myself witnessed how one friend rolled up a dozen open windows one by one …

Why do we need a window minimization function?

Imagine you are working with a document, along the way you have a mail program open, a browser with several tabs (in which you are looking for the necessary information), and for a pleasant background you have a player with music playing. Now, you suddenly need a file on your desktop. You will have to minimize all the windows in turn to get to the desired file. Long? Long!

How to minimize windows in Windows XP?

It's pretty simple. By default, if you haven't changed any settings, you will have three icons next to the Start button: a music player, Internet Explorer, and a shortcut to minimize windows. This is what it looks like (circled in red).


After clicking on it, all windows should be minimized and you will see the desktop.

By the way! Sometimes this feature can cause your computer to freeze. Give it time, the folding function can work after 5-10 sec. after your click.

In addition, some games do not allow you to minimize your window. In this case, try the key combination: 'ALT + TAB'.

Minimizing windows at Windows 7/8

In these operating systems, folding occurs in a similar manner. Only the icon itself is moved to another place, at the bottom right, next to the date and time display.

This is how it looks in the OS Windows 7:


In Windows 8, the minimize button is located in the same place, unless it is so clearly visible.

2014-03-30 07_44_44-

There is another universal way to minimize all windows – press the key combination 'Win + D' – all windows will be minimized at once!


By the way, when you press the same buttons again, all windows will unfold in the same order in which they were. Very comfortably!

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