How do I cut a song?

Musical Notes Many users ask one interesting question: how can you cut a song, what programs, in which format it is better to save … Often you need to cut off the silence in a music file, or if you were recording a whole concert, just cut it into parts so that there are one song at a time.

In general, the task is quite simple (here, of course, we are talking only about cutting the file, not about editing it).

What is necessary:

1) The music file itself is the song that we will cut.

2) A program for editing audio files. There are dozens of them today, in this article I will show with an example how you can cut a song in a free program: audacity.

Cutting the song (step by step)

1) After starting the program, open the desired song (In the program, click on 'file / open …').

2014-01-07 19_27_27-Select one or more sound files ... 2) For one song, on average, in mp3 format, the program will take 3-7 seconds.

2014-01-07 19_33_24-Audacity 3) Next, using the mouse, select the area that we do not need. See screenshot below. By the way, in order to select not blindly, you can first listen and determine which parts you do not need in the file. In the program, you can also very significantly edit the song: turn up the volume, change the playback speed, remove silence, and other effects.

2014-01-07 19_39_03-01.  I Feel Safe

4) Now on the panel we are looking for the 'cut' button. In the picture below it is highlighted in red.

Please note that after pressing cut, the program will exclude this section and your song will be cut! If you accidentally cut off the wrong area: press undo – 'Cntrl + Z'.

2014-01-07 19_39_12-01.  I Feel Safe

2014-01-07 19_39_19-01.  I Feel Safe

5) After the file has been edited, you need to save it. To do this, click the 'file / export …' menu.

2014-01-07 19_40_31- The program is able to export a song in a dozen of the most popular formats:

AIFF is an audio format in which the sound is not compressed. Usually not so common. Programs that open it: Microsoft Windows Media Player, Roxio Easy Media Creator.

WAV – This format is most often used to store music ripped from audio CDs.

MP3 is one of the most popular audio formats. Surely, your song was distributed in it!

Ogg is a modern format for storing audio files. It has a high degree of compression, in many respects even higher than that of mp3. It is in this format that we export our song. All modern audio players open this format without any problems!

FLAC —Free Lossless Audi o Codec. An audio codec that compresses without loss of quality. Main advantages: the codec is free and supported on most platforms! This is probably why this format is gaining popularity, because you can listen to songs in this format on: Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS.

ASZ – audio format, most often used to save a track on DVD discs.

AMR – variable rate audio file encoding. The format was developed to compress speech voice.

WMA – Windows Media Audi o. The format for storing audio files, developed by itself Microsoft. Quite popular, it allows you to put a large number of songs on one CD.

2014-01-07 19_41_06-Export file 6) Export and save will depend on the size of your file. It takes time to save a 'standard' song (3-6 min.): About 30 sec.

2014-01-07 19_41_16-01.  I Feel SafeNow the file can be opened in any audio player, unnecessary fragments will be absent in it.

2014-01-07 19_42_10-Program Manager

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