How do I change the drive letter?

2014-02-08 14_46_05-Computer In this article, we will consider how you can change the drive letter, say, G to J. In general, the question is simple on the one hand, on the other, not many users know how to change the letters of logical drives. And you may need it, for example, when connecting external HDDs and flash drives, sort the disks so that there is a more convenient presentation of information.

The article will be relevant for OS users Windows 7 and 8.


1) Go to the control panel and select the system and security tab.

2014-02-08 14_31_28-Control Panel 2) Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the administration tab, launch it.

2014-02-08 14_31_37-System and security 3) Launch the 'computer management' application.

2014-02-08 14_33_11-Administration 4) Now pay attention to the left column, there is a 'disk management' tab – go to it.

2014-02-08 14_32_51-Computer Management 5) Right-click on the desired drive and select the option to change the drive letter. 2014-02-08 14_36_40-Greenshot

6) Next, a small window will appear in front of us with a proposal to choose a new path and drive letters. Here you already choose the letter that you need. By the way, you can only choose those that are free.

2014-02-08 14_36_47-Greenshot

After that, answer in the affirmative and save the settings.

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