How do I automatically shutdown my computer after a specified time?

turn off-pc Imagine a bad luck: you need to move away, and the computer is performing some task (for example, downloading a file from the Internet). Naturally, it would be correct if it turned off itself after downloading the file. Also, this question worries fans of watching movies late at night – because sometimes it happens that you simply fell asleep, and the computer continued to work. To avoid this, there are programs that can turn off the computer after the time you specify!

1. Switch

The power switch is a small utility for Windows that can turn off your computer. After starting, you need to enter the shutdown time, or the time after which the computer needs to be turned off. It's pretty simple … - WinRAR_2013-11-10_11-41-18

2. Power Off – utility for turning off the PC

Power Of is more than just shutting down your computer. It supports a configurable shutdown schedule, it can be turned off depending on WinAmp operation, Internet usage. There is also a function to turn off the computer according to a pre-configured scheduler.

Hot keys and a large number of options are available to help you. It can be automatically loaded with the OS and make your work comfortable and convenient!



Despite the huge advantage of the Power Of program, I personally choose the first program – it is simpler, faster and more understandable.

After all, most often the task is simply to turn off the computer at a given time, and not to make a shutdown schedule (this is a more specific task and is rarely required by an ordinary user).

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