How can I see the password under the asterisks?

password In this article, we will look at how you can quickly and easily see the password under the asterisks. In general, it doesn't matter which browser you use, because this method will suit absolutely everyone.

Important! Everything below was done in the Google Chrome browser. If you have a different browser, the technology will be slightly different, but the essence is the same. It's just that the same functions are called differently in different browsers.

Let's describe everything step by step.

1. You see the form on the site, in which the password is hidden by asterisks. By the way, it often happens that the password is saved in the browser and substituted automatically, but you do not remember it. Therefore, the method is perfect for refreshing your memory, or to move to another browser (after all, you will have to enter the password manually at least once in it, only then it will substitute it automatically).

GOOD TRACKER Home - Google Chrome_2013-11-10_20-54-02

2. Click the right mouse button on the password input window. Next, we select to view the code of this element.

GOOD TRACKER Home - Google Chrome_2013-11-10_20-54-11

3. Next, you need to change the word password to the word text. Notice the underline in the screenshot below. It is important to do this in the place where the word type appears before the word password. In fact, we are changing the input type of the string, and instead of the password, it will be the type of plain text that the browser will not hide!

GOOD TRACKER Home - Google Chrome_2013-11-10_20-54-19

4. This is what we should get in the end. After that, if you pay attention to the password entry form, you will see that you do not see asterisks, but the password itself.

GOOD TRACKER Home - Google Chrome_2013-11-10_20-54-40

5. Now you can copy the password to notepad or go to the site in another browser.

GOOD TRACKER Home - Google Chrome_2013-11-10_20-54-44

In general, we considered a very good and quick way to see the password under the asterisks without using any programs, using the browser itself.

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