How can I disable autostart DVD drive in Windows 10

Autostart in Windows is a handy function that allows you to automate some processes and save the user's time when working with external drives. On the other hand, pop-up windows can often be annoying and distracting, and automatic launch carries the risk of spreading malware quickly, which may be on removable media. Therefore, it will be useful to know how to disable autostart DVD drive in Windows 10.

Disable autoplay DVD drive via 'Options'

This is the fastest and easiest way. Steps to disable the function:

  1. First, go to the Start menu and select All Applications.
  2. We find among them 'Options' and in the opened dialog box, click 'Devices'. In addition, you can get to the 'Options' section in another way – by entering the keyboard shortcut Win + I. Parameters Windows

    The 'Devices' item is located in the second place of the top line

  3. The properties of the device will open, among them at the very top there is a single switch with a slider. We move it to the position we need – Disabled (Disabled). Disable autorun of external devices in Windows 10

    Slider in 'Off' position will block pop-ups of all external devices, not just a DVD drive

  4. Done, pop-up window every time you start removable media will no longer bother you. If necessary, you can enable the function in the same way.

If you need to turn off the parameter only for a specific type of device, for example, a DVD disc, while leaving the function for flash drives or other media, you can select the corresponding parameters on the Control Panel.

Disconnect via Control Panel Windows 10

This method will allow you to customize the function more precisely. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. To get to the Control Panel, press Win + R and enter the 'control' command. You can also do this through the 'Start' menu: for this go to the 'System Tools' section and select 'Control Panel' from the list.
  2. Find the 'Autostart' tab. Here we can select individual parameters for each media type. To do this, uncheck the box that marks the use of the parameter for all devices, and in the list of removable media, select the one we need – DVDs. Autostart in control panel

    If you do not change the settings for individual external media, autorun is disabled for all of them

  3. We configure the parameters separately, not forgetting to save. So, for example, by selecting the 'Do not perform any actions' item, we disable the pop-up window for this type of device. At the same time, our choice will not affect the parameter of other removable media.

How to disable autoplay using the Group Policy client

If the previous methods are not suitable for some reason, you can use the operating system console. Steps to disable the function:

  1. Open the Run window (with the Win + R keyboard shortcut) and enter the gpedit.msc command.
  2. Select 'Administrative Templates', submenu 'Components Windows' and section 'Autorun Policies'.
  3. In the menu that opens on the right side, click on the first item – 'Turn off autorun' and mark the 'Enabled' item. Autorun policies in Windows 10

    You can select one, several or all media for which autorun will be disabled

  4. After that, we select the type of media for which we will apply the given parameter

Even a novice user can disable the built-in Windows 10 DVD-drive autorun function. It is enough to choose the method that is most convenient for you and follow the simple instructions. Automatic start will be disabled, and your operating system will be protected from possible penetration of viruses.

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