Hitman Developer Explains Difficulties After Splitting From Square Enix


The fact that the Danish studio remained afloat, one of its representatives considers it to be nothing less than a miracle.

In May 2017, the Japanese publishing house Square Enix decided to sell its IO Interactive, but since there was no buyer, the studio became independent. At the same time, Square Enix allowed the Danes to retain the rights to the Hitman series.

IO Interactive assistant director Eskil Mohl described Square Enix's decision as follows: “We are flying across the Atlantic and we are clearly running out of fuel. What the hell are we going to do? '

The studio had to fire many employees, but this situation rallied the rest of the team. According to Mole, the developers believed in Hitman 2, which at that time was already in development, and still managed to bring the game to the release, which will take place on November 13.

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