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windows-7 It's no secret that many settings Windows 7 are very difficult to get to, and some are completely impossible. The developers, of course, did this not on purpose to annoy users, but in order to save many from incorrect settings that could cause the OS to malfunction.

In order to change these hidden settings, you need some special utility (they are called tweakers). One such tool for Windows 7 is Aero Tweak.

With it, you can quickly change most of the hidden settings, among which there are security and performance settings!

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By the way, you may be interested in the article on design Windows 7, where the discussed issues were partially touched upon.

Let's take a look at all the tabs of the Aero Tweak program (there are only 4 of them, but the first, according to the system's information, is not of much interest to us).

Windows Explorer

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The first tab in which the explorer is configured. It is recommended to change everything for yourself, because you have to work with the guide every day!

Desktop and Explorer

Show version Windows on desktop

For an amateur, this does not carry any semantic meaning.

Don't show arrows on labels

Many users do not like arrows, if it hurts you – you can remove it.

Don't add shortcut 'ending for new shortcuts

It is recommended to check the box as the word label is annoying. In addition, if you have not removed the arrows, it is clear that this is a shortcut.

Restore windows of last opened folders on startup

Conveniently, when the PC turned off without your knowledge, for example, they uninstalled the program and it rebooted the computer. And before you opened all the folders with which you worked. Conveniently!

Open folder windows in a separate process

I turned on / off the checkbox, I did not notice the difference. You don't have to change.

Show file icons instead of content thumbnails

Can improve the speed of the conductor.

Show drive letters in front of their labels

It is recommended to check the box, it will be more visual, more convenient.

Disable Aero Shake (Windows 7)

You can increase the speed of the PC, it is recommended to enable it if the characteristics of the computer are not high.

Disable Aero Snap (Windows 7)

By the way, I have already written about disabling Aero in Windows 7.

Window border width

Can I change, just what will it give? Customize as you like.

Task bar

Disable application window thumbnails

Personally, I don’t change, it’s inconvenient to work when not overly. Sometimes one glance at the icon is enough to understand which application is open.

Hide all system tray icons

The same is not desirable to change.

Hide network status icon

If there are no network problems, you can hide it.

Hide the sound adjustment icon

Not recommended. If there is no sound on the computer, this is the first tab to go to.

Hide battery status icon

Relevant for laptops. If your laptop is running on the network, then you can turn it off.

Disable Aero Peek (Windows 7)

Will help increase the speed of work Windows. By the way, there was an article earlier about acceleration in more detail.


This is a very important tab that will help you configure WIndows for yourself more correctly.

2014-04-18 13_39_21-AeroTweak


Restart shell on unexpected process termination

Recommended for inclusion. When an application crashes, sometimes the shell will not restart and you will not see anything on your desktop (however, you may not see it either).

Automatically quit frozen applications

The same is recommended for inclusion. Sometimes disabling a frozen application is not as quick as this tweak.

Disable automatic detection of folder types

Personally, I don't touch this checkbox …

Faster opening of submenu items

To increase performance – check the box!

Reduce timeout for shutdown of system services

It is recommended to turn it on, this will make the PC turn off faster.

Reduce waiting time for applications to shutdown

– // –

Reduce the response time of hung applications

– // –

Disable Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

– // –

Disable sleep mode – hibernation

Users who do not use this can be disabled without hesitation. Learn more about hibernation here.

Disable start sound Windows

It is advisable to turn it on if your PC is in the bedroom and you turn it on early in the morning. The sound from the speakers can wake up the whole house.

Disable notification about insufficient disk space

You can also turn it on so that unnecessary messages do not pester you and do not take up extra time.

Memory and file system

Increase system cache for programs

By increasing the system cache, you speed up programs, but reduce free space on your hard drive. If everything works fine for you and there are no failures, you can leave it alone.

Optimizing the use of RAM by the file system

It is desirable to enable it, there is no unnecessary optimization.

Delete system paging file on computer shutdown

Enable. No one has extra disk space. About the swap file has already been in the post about the loss of hard disk space.

Disable the use of the system paging file

– // –


Here, checkmarks can both help and harm.

2014-04-18 13_39_22-AeroTweak

Administrative restrictions

Disable Task Manager

It is better not to turn it off, after all, the task manager is often needed too often: the program is frozen, you need to see which process is loading the system, etc.

Disable Registry Editor

I wouldn't do the same. It can both help against various viruses, and create unnecessary problems for you if, nevertheless, “viral” data is added to the registry.

Disable control panel

Not recommended to enable. The control panel is used too often, even when simply uninstalling programs.

Disable command line

Not recommended. The command line is often needed to launch hidden applications that are not on the start menu.

Disable MMC snap-ins

Personally, I didn't turn it off.

Hide the item to change folder settings

You can turn it on.

Hide security tab in file / folder properties

If you hide the security tab, then no one can change the file's permissions. Can be turned on if you do not have to frequently change access rights.

Disable update center Windows

It is recommended to enable the checkbox. Automatic updates can overload the computer (this was discussed in the article about svchost).

Remove access to the update center settings Windows

You can also enable the checkbox so that no one changes such important settings. It is better to install important updates manually.

System limitations

Disable autoplay for all devices

Of course, it's good when you insert the disc into the drive – and you see the menu right away and you can start, say, installing the game. But viruses and Trojans are found on many disks and their autostart is highly undesirable. By the way, the same applies to flash drives. It is still better to open the inserted disc yourself and run the desired installer. Therefore, it is recommended to tick the box!

Disable CD burning by means of the system

If you do not use a standard recording tool, then it is better to turn it off so as not to “eat” unnecessary PC resources. For those who use the recording once a year, then he does not need to install any other programs for recording.

Disable WinKey key combinations

It is advisable not to disconnect. All the same, many users are already accustomed to many combinations.

Disable reading of autoexec.bat file parameters

Enabled / disable a tab – no difference.

Disable error reporting Windows

I don’t know how anyone, but not a single report really helped me to restore the system. Extra load and extra hard disk space. It is recommended to disable.

Attention! After all the settings have been made, restart your computer!

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