Hacking a computer through headphones: a music lover's nightmare becomes a reality

Even dummies have heard about the rules of “hygiene” in terms of the dissemination of personal information on the network. As they say, any of your words on the Internet can be used you know against whom. Today they are even imprisoned for reposts, since sometimes this is considered enemy propaganda. A reasonable user will act in a network carefully and wisely.

How a new type of computer virus works

Israeli researchers from the Negev have proven that this knowledge is clearly not enough to relax. An experiment carried out within the walls of the Davil Ben-Gurion University has demonstrated in practice that you can lose confidential information while listening to music. Loudspeakers or headphones connected to your computer are capable of giving you up! And for this it is not at all necessary to upload something to the network. What is stored on your computer can see the world through the speakers.

According to Bleeping Computer, infection with the new virus reverses the audio connectors. Thus, what usually reproduces sound begins to simultaneously record and transmit it. But hackers are unlikely to be interested in your music lovers' preferences: their goal will be to extract local files that are far from musical content. A file with any extension will be invisibly converted into an audio signal and in this form will be quietly copied to the attacker's computer.

The same virus installs special software on the hacker's machine, which allows the received sound to be decrypted and converted back to its original format. Thus, what is stored in your non-Internet folders becomes vulnerable. Anyone can read and see all this if they use the described hacker attack method called MOSQUITO.

Neither the sound of the movie that you are watching at this moment, nor the screams of children at the computer table will prevent the leakage of information. The transfer of files turned into sound will go regardless of the background environment. The absence of its significant effect on the action of the virus was proved in the course of the experiment, in which an array of binary data took part. The distance between the affected computer and the receiver varied in the range of one to nine meters. The maximum baud rate using the speakers has reached 1800 bps.

Girl crying over laptop

It is unlikely that anything will save your personal data from this virus.

This speed noticeably reduces the change in audio frequency in the communicating speakers. If the speakers of two virus-equipped computers are pointed in opposite directions from each other, this also slows down the rate of transmission of information through sound. Experts explain this phenomenon by the fact that the initial audio optimization was performed for the human ear, and not for electronic perception of signals. However, it is unlikely that the low transfer speed will greatly upset those who decide to steal your data to themselves. Sooner or later they will get their way. And this will be facilitated by the fact that you will not even know about the beginning of the leak.

A similar audio attack has so far taken place in the laboratory. But when this opportunity is appreciated by new followers of Neo, your 'matrix' is unlikely to be saved. Methods of counteraction have not yet been invented.

However, some hope that to stop the wrecking process will turn out by simply turning off the speakers and pulling out the headphones. Well, whether it will stop the computer viruses themselves, the near future will show.

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