Google is going to close its cloud storage

Google has started a real rebranding lately. First, the payment system Android Pay and smart watch Android Wear were renamed. They were replaced by Google Pay and Wear OS, respectively.

The company did not stop there and recently announced the closure of Google Drive, which in Russia is known as Google Drive. It is a service for storing information in the cloud. Instead, Google One will appear, which, according to official sources, will cost less and at the same time have a wider set of functions and capabilities.

Google One service

Google One will replace the usual Google Drive

So far, the service is only available to US residents. A 200GB subscription costs $ 2.99, a 2TB subscription costs $ 19.99. An old resource is still operating in Russia, but it is safe to say that soon the innovation will reach our country.

An interesting fact about tariffs is worth mentioning. In the new version of the 'cloud' there will be no tariff for 1 TB, but if the service was activated in the old service, then the user will receive a tariff for 2 GB at no additional charge.

The meaning of the name change is not yet entirely clear. There are serious concerns about confusion among users. By the way, the icons and design will also be replaced, so Google is changing the service thoroughly. Don't worry about the potential for data loss. It is unlikely that the company will allow this. Although there was no official information on this yet.

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