Google Chrome vs Yandex Browser: Which to Prefer?

At the moment, Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. More than 70% of users use it on an ongoing basis. However, many still have a question, which is better than Google Chrome or Yandex Browser. Let's try to compare them and determine the winner.

In the struggle for their users, developers are trying to improve the parameters of web surfers. Make them as convenient, understandable and fast as possible. Are they doing it?

Table: comparison of Google Chrome and Yandex Browser

Parameter Description
Launch speed With a high connection speed, both browsers take about 1 to 2 seconds to launch.
Page loading speed The first two pages open faster in Google Chrome. But subsequent sites open faster in the browser from Yandex. This is subject to the simultaneous launch of three or more pages. If sites are opened with a small time difference, then the speed of Google Chrome is always higher than Yandex Browser.
Memory load Here Google is better only when no more than 5 sites are opened at the same time, then the load becomes approximately the same.
Easy setup and management interface Both browsers boast ease of customization. However, the Yandex Browser interface is more unusual, while Chrome is more intuitive.
Supplements Google has its own add-ons and extensions store, which Yandex does not. However, the second enabled the ability to use Opera Addons, which makes it possible to use both Opera and Google Chrome extensions. So in this matter, it is better, because it allows you to use more extensive opportunities, although not your own.
Privacy Unfortunately, both browsers collect a huge amount of information about the user. With only one difference: Google is doing it more openly, and Yandex is more veiled.
Protection of information Both browsers block unsafe sites. However, Google has this feature only for desktop versions, and Yandex also for mobile devices.
Originality In fact, Yandex Browser is a copy of Google Chrome. They both have similar functionality and capabilities. Yandex has been trying to stand out lately, but there are new features, for example, active mouse gestures. However, they are almost never used by users.

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If the user needs a fast and intuitive browser, then it is better to choose Google Chrome. And for users who prefer an unusual interface and who need more add-ons and extensions, Yandex Browser is suitable, since it is significantly better than its competitor in this regard.

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