Google Chrome slows down? 6 tips to speed up your Google Chrome

Google chrome --- acceleration Today we have on the agenda work in one of the most popular browsers – Google Chrome. It is popular primarily due to its speed of work: Internet pages are loaded on it noticeably faster than in many other programs.

In this article we will try to figure out why Google Chrome can slow down, and, accordingly, how to solve this problem.

1. Does the browser really slow down?

First, you need to decide whether the browser itself or the computer slows down.

To get started, open the task manager ('Cntrl + Alt + Del' or 'Cntrl + Shift + Esc') and see how much the processor is loaded, and which program.

2014-01-16 20_10_43-Task Manager If Google Chrome loads the processor decently, and after you close this program, the load drops to 3-10% – then for sure, the reason for the brakes in this browser …

If the picture is different, then it is worth trying to open Internet pages in other browsers and see if they will slow down in them. If the computer itself slows down, then problems will be observed in all programs.

Perhaps, especially if your computer is old, there is not enough RAM. If possible, increase the volume and see the result …

2. Clearing the cache in Google Chrome

Probably the most common cause of slowdowns in Google Chrome is the presence of a large 'cache'. In general, the cache is used by the program to speed up your work on the Internet: why download site elements that do not change every time over the Internet? It is logical to save them on your hard disk and load them as needed.

Over time, the size of the cache can grow to a significant size, which will greatly affect the performance of the browser.

First, go to the browser settings.

2014-01-16 20_18_40-

Further in the settings, we are looking for the item for clearing history, it is located in the 'personal data' section.

2014-01-16 20_19_00-Settings

Then put a checkmark in front of the item to clear the cache and press the clear button.

2014-01-16 20_19_07-Settings - Clear history

Now restart your browser and try it out. If you haven't cleared the cache for a long time, then the speed of work should increase even by eye!

3. Removing unnecessary extensions

Extensions for Google Chrome are, of course, a good thing to significantly increase its capabilities. But some users install dozens of such extensions without thinking at all whether they really need it or not. Naturally, the browser starts to work unstably, the speed of work drops, 'brakes' begin …

To find out the number of extensions in a browser, go to its settings.

2014-01-16 20_24_12-

On the left in the column, click on the desired item and see how many extensions you have installed. All that you do not use – you need to delete. In vain they only take away RAM and load the processor.

2014-01-16 20_24_17-Extensions To remove it, click on the 'little trash bin' to the right of the unnecessary extension. See screenshot below.

2014-01-16 20_24_33-Extensions

4. Update Google Chrome

Not all users have the latest version of the program installed on their computers. While the browser is working normally, many do not even think about the fact that the developers are releasing new versions of the program, they fix errors, bugs, increase the speed of the program, etc. It often happens that the updated version of the program will differ from the old one, like 'heaven and earth' .

To update Google Chrome, go to settings and click on the 'about browser' button. See the picture below.

2014-01-16 20_33_16- Next, the program will automatically check for updates, and if there are any, update the browser. You just have to agree with restarting the program, or postpone this matter …

2014-01-16 20_36_10-Help

5. Blocking ads

Probably, it's not a secret for anyone that there are more than enough advertising on many sites … And many banners are quite large and animated. If there are many such banners on the page, they can significantly slow down the browser. Add to this the opening of not one, but 2-3 tabs – it is not surprising why the Google Chrome browser starts to slow down …

To speed up your work, you can turn off ads. For this, there is a special AdBlock extension. It allows you to block almost all ads on sites and work peacefully. You can add some sites to the whitelist, which will display all advertising and non-advertising banners.

In general, there was an earlier post about how you can block ads: https: //

6. Does it slow down Youtube videos? Changing the flash player

If your Google Chrome slows down when watching videos, for example, on the popular youtube channel, it may be the flash player. In most cases, it needs to be changed / reinstalled (by the way, more on this here:

Go to Add or Remove Programs in OS Windows and uninstall the flash player.

2014-01-16 22_24_56-Programs and components And then install the Adobe Flash Player (official site:

The most common problems:

1) The most recent version of the flash player is not always the best for your system. If the latest version is not stable, try installing an older one. For example, I personally managed to speed up the browser several times in this way, freezes and crashes while viewing completely stopped.

2) Do not update your flash player from unfamiliar sites. Very often, many viruses spread in this way: the user sees a window where a video clip is supposed to be played. but to view it, you need the latest version of the flash player, which he supposedly does not have. He clicks on the link and infects his own computer with a virus …

3) After reinstalling the flash player, restart your PC …

7. Reinstall the browser

If all the previous methods did not help speed up the work of Google Chrome, try a radical one – uninstalling the program. just to get started, you need to save the bookmarks that you have. Let's take a look at your actions in order.

1) Save bookmarks.

To do this, open the bookmark manager: either through the menu (see screenshots below), or by pressing the Cntrl + Shift + O buttons.

2014-01-16 22_32_01- 2014-01-16 22_32_35- Then click the 'arrange' button and select 'export bookmarks to html file'. 2014-01-16 22_32_49-Bookmark manager

2) The second step is to remove Google Chrome from your computer completely. There is not much to dwell on here, the easiest way is to delete it through the control panel.

3) Next, restart your PC and go to for a new version of the free browser.

4) Import your bookmarks from previously exported ones. The procedure is similar to export (see above).


If reinstallation did not help and the browser still slows down, then I personally can only give a couple of tips – either start using another browser, or try to install a second OS system in parallel Windows and check the browser's performance in it …

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