French authorities fined Valve and Ubisoft


The reason for the fine was the policy of these publishers regarding refunds in digital stores.

According to French law, the buyer must have the right, within fourteen days from the date of purchase, to hand over the goods to the seller and return their full value without giving any reason.

The Steam refund system only partially meets this requirement: the buyer can request a refund for the game within two weeks, but this only applies to games in which the player has played less than two hours. Ubisoft's Uplay does not have a refund system as such.

As a result, Valve was fined 147 thousand euros, and Ubisoft – 180 thousand.

At the same time, game publishers have the opportunity to keep the current system of refunding (or lack thereof), but the user of the service must be clearly notified of this before making a purchase.

Steam and Uplay did not meet this requirement either, but now French users are shown a banner with information about the refund policy.

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