Forgotten flagships of the past: popular phones of the 2000s


For several years now, new models of smartphones have been released with enviable regularity, and manufacturers are desperately fighting for their customers. But with all this, a common man in the street will not immediately distinguish between the brand and the brand of a gadget in the hands of a neighbor. But earlier, in the early 2000s, all popular phones were heard. Each of them had a unique design that was immediately recognizable from afar. Even now, many people remember simple but reliable mobile phones with warmth and nostalgia.

NOKIA 3310 , popularly a 'brick', delighted its owners with a simple 'Snake', which could be played for hours, and the possibility of self-dialing ringtones, like notes.

NOKIA 3310

In the little Siemens ME45 , everyone appreciated the strength, water resistance, a huge phone book at that time and a dictaphone with the ability to record for as long as 3 minutes.

Siemens ME45

Launched in 2002, the Sony Ericsson T68i was one of the first phones with a color display. And the model also boasted Bluetooth, infrared port and even the ability to send MMS. The original joystick instead of the arrow keys was also warmly received, although later the owners hated it.

Sony Ericsson T68i

Motorola MPx200 is a legendary phone at that time, since before that no one tried to create a mobile phone based on Windows. At first, the prices for the model were exorbitant, but then retailers took pity, and fans enjoyed plenty of opportunities never seen before.

Motorola MPx200

In 2003, Siemens SX1 was released – a compact phone with a joystick instead of central keys and number buttons on the side panels. The phone was built on the Symbian platform, that is, it was a full-fledged smartphone of that time.

Siemens SX1

But even simpler models have been successful. Another brainchild of Sony Ericsson – the K500i model – is loved by many for its reliability, comfortable use and quite a good camera. By the way, it was on this phone that many learned the charms of ICQ.

Sony Ericsson K500i

In the 2000s, Motorola had one problem – the menu on phones was constantly slowing down. Despite this, the 2004 E398 was well received. Many people appreciated the powerful speakers that other phones didn't have at the time.

Motorola E398

One of the most obvious representatives of the forgotten flagships is the Motorola RAZR V3. Although it is still being sold and bought on Internet sites, although not in the same quantity as in 2004. Stylish design, two color displays and technical capabilities of the 'clamshell' made it the most desirable purchase for people of all ages.

Motorola RAZR V3

Nokia N70 is the very phone that started the era of high-quality hardware. The model had a good memory capacity, an acceptable camera and excellent sound.

Nokia N70

Finally, in 2006, the Sony Ericsson K790i came out. They dreamed about it, admired it in magazines, and only the lucky ones managed to buy it. The manufacturer decided not to go into the jungle of innovations, but to bring existing technologies to perfection. The result was a reliable and high-quality phone with a flagship camera for those times, excellent sound and fast application response.

Sony Ericsson K790i

Just some 12-18 years ago, there were no smartphones that we were used to, and people appreciated the reliability and comfort of their phones.

The flagships of that time are still in the wardrobes of many inoperative, because even a hand does not rise to throw out a digital masterpiece of the early 21st century.

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