Fitness tracker for pennies – how to buy Mi Band 4 at a cheap price


Fitness trackers from Xiaomi are very popular – even before the mass appearance of the brand in Russia, many already walked with the first version of the bracelet. Now the most relevant thing is to take the Mi Band 4 – the latest model. By the way, she managed to get cheaper.


  • A little about Mi Band 4
  • Chinese and global versions – what's the difference
  • Where to buy – overview of options
    • The cheapest
    • Fast but expensive
      • Video: review of Mi Band 4 from BIGgeek
    • Officially, but not enough
    • Other options

A little about Mi Band 4

If you are familiar with the Mi Band line, then you know that they are good and affordable fitness trackers that track your condition. The first model was able to count steps, vibrate during a call and an alarm clock. Then the models had a display, heart rate monitor, notifications from applications and many other functions. The last bracelet for today, Mi Band 4, can:

  • count steps;
  • measure the pulse;
  • manage incoming calls (reject or set to silent mode);
  • work as an alarm clock, stopwatch or timer;
  • receive messages from instant messengers and social networks;
  • track the quality of sleep;
  • control the music played on the phone;
  • look for a smartphone;
  • unlock your smartphone.

The outer side of Mi Band 4 is also well pumped. The high-quality touch screen allows you to set a variety of themes and wallpapers. The silicone strap can be matched to your clothes or mood.

Mi Band 4 connects with Android (4.4 and up) and iOS (9.1 and up).

Mi Band 4 Themes

Among the themes, you can see wallpapers with characters from Overwatch

Chinese and global versions – what's the difference

You may have already stumbled upon offers to sell this fitness tracker, and the line about the Chinese or global version confused you a little.

The global version Xiaomi is released for implementation in Europe and America. Its 'native' firmware supports the installation of En glish, Russian, French, German and other languages. The battery of the global version is 135 mAh (about 20 days without recharging). There is no NFC, microphone and built-in voice assistant. Moreover, it is more expensive than the Chinese version.

The Chinese version (usually denoted by the letters CN) is intended for implementation in China and only supports Chinese. It is equipped with a 125 mAh battery (approximately 15 days without recharging). There is a specification with NFC that allows contactless payments with a wristband. We warn you right away – the Chinese NFC will not work in Russia and Europe, because the payment system is different there. So ordering Mi Band 4 with NFC, counting on contactless payment, is not worth it. But this specification includes a microphone and a built-in voice assistant. So far, he speaks only Chinese, so those who speak this language will be able to communicate with him. Perhaps in the future the situation will change – it is known that Xiaomi have begun negotiations with Yandex on the integration of their voice assistant Alice into Chinese gadgets.

Fitness track with and without NFC technology

The specification with NFC at the bottom of the screen shows not a circle, but an arc

Accordingly, for most users, the difference between the global and Chinese versions is only in the supported language. But this problem is easy to solve – Mi Band 4 CN can be flashed to the global version, and then both Russian and English and other 'global' languages ​​will become available.

Otherwise, there are almost no differences – except that the Chinese version has a box and instructions, which is predictably, completely in Chinese. The global one can find English and other European languages.

Where to buy – overview of options

Products Xiaomi can be purchased both from authorized dealers and online stores like AliExpress .

The cheapest

If you want to buy cheap Mi Band 4, it is best to contact on AliExpress. On this site you can find a lot of offers from different sellers. Each of them offers its own price, its own delivery sets (for example, some offer additional straps or protective glasses along with the main device), their own delivery time.


As you can see, for the query Mi Band 4 in the category 'Smart bracelets', we have more than a thousand results

On average, the Chinese version on AliExpress costs about 1,800 rubles, the global version – about 2,500 rubles. Delivery times are from 14 to 45 days.

Delivery period

Delivery times depend on many factors, including the infamous 'Russian Post', so in fact the parcel can travel around the country for more than a month

When buying on AliExpress, be sure to pay attention to the reviews and their quantity. It is best to take the goods from sellers with a rating of at least 95%, otherwise there is a risk of stumbling upon an unscrupulous or careless seller who will delay sending or confuse your package. Pay attention to the reviews for the product itself. If there are less than 90% of reviews with five stars, it is better to abandon the purchase and choose another option.


By clicking on the number of stars, you can immediately see all reviews with this rating

The setup is simple, clear and simple interface, the Russian language was installed immediately, in general, no problems, everything works.



I'm very disappointed! Firstly, all the packaging is wet through, and secondly, it does not turn on. You put it on charge, it shows that the battery is charged, but the tracker itself does not turn on. We will deal with the seller.



the seller sent in 4 days. within 24 hours, as stated, does not send. otherwise everything is fine. well-wrapped. the bracelet is excellent



If this is your first time on AliExpress, then it would be most profitable to issue a coupon for a new buyer. It entitles you to a one-time discount. Next to the price of the item, you will see a red rectangle with the caption 'New Customer Coupon'. Click on it and you will see the 'Receive' button. Click on it and register – you will receive a discount equal to the amount indicated on the coupon.

New customer coupon

Even if you already have an account on 'Ali', you can cheat and register a new one

Fast but expensive

A bracelet ordered on Aliexpress can go to you for about a month. If you urgently need a gadget, you can overpay and order from a local supplier, for example, in the online store BIGgeek. The cost of the Chinese version in this store is 3,290 rubles. It is much more expensive than on AliExpress, but you will receive the bracelet much sooner. Sending will be from Moscow, so the delivery will take approximately 1 to 14 days. Please note that delivery will also be paid – from 350 rubles in Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road and from 500 rubles to the regions. Sending is carried out by CDEK and EMS services. You can pick up goods for free in Moscow, a three-minute walk from the Bagrationovskaya metro station.

Video: review of Mi Band 4 from BIGgeek

Officially, but not enough

If the purchase from third-party suppliers does not appeal to you, then contact the official store Xiaomi. This option will be one of the most expensive – the cost of Mi Band 4 there is now 2,990 rubles. Only the global version is presented in the Russian store. The advantages of such a purchase are obvious – a guarantee of high-quality and original goods, fast delivery, the possibility of an easy exchange and return in case of problems. If you have a point of sale in your city Xiaomi, you can also come in advance and touch the bracelet, talk to sellers, and see the tracker work live.

Official Store Xiaomi

Always more expensive in the official store

Other options

There are many small vendors who mainly trade in Chinese versions of the bracelet. On Yandex.Market you can see prices, store reviews and delivery dates. Most of these suppliers will not be able to offer you a better price than, for example, AliExpress. For some, even the Chinese version is more expensive than the global one from the official seller. Nevertheless, you may be comfortable with the location of the supplier, the delivery time and other points.

Yandex Market

You also have to pay for delivery separately

The cheapest way to buy a new bracelet will be on AliExpress, but not everyone is satisfied with the local delivery times. In this case, you can turn to more expensive but fast stores.

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