FIFA developers have fixed an annoying oversight


EA released a patch for FIFA 19, which made adjustments not only directly to the gameplay, but also corrected a misunderstanding that had become a meme.

36-year-old goalkeeper Petr Cech, currently playing for Arsenal in London, is known not only for his outstanding football career, but also for his appearance: after a severe head injury received in 2006, Cech always enters the field in a protective helmet.

Naturally, in football simulators, Cech is depicted wearing a helmet. But in FIFA 19, the developers went too far, depicting the Czech goalkeeper in a helmet and at the same time in a suit during the transfer negotiations. Cech himself noticed this, having posted the corresponding screenshot in his Twitter. 'It's not true, guys … I would wear a tie!' – wrote the Czech.

Petr Cech in FIFA 19 before the patch

In a recent patch, the developers have fixed this problem: now Cech comes to negotiations without a helmet … and in a tie. “We got him a tie,” reads the patch description.

Petr Cech in FIFA 19 after the patch

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