Fast editor to rotate video 90 degrees

When trying to capture a bright moment on a phone, we rarely think about the position of the camera when shooting. And after the fact we find out that they held it vertically, and not horizontally, as it should be. The players play such videos with black stripes on the sides or even upside down, it is often simply impossible to watch them. However, do not run to clean the memory card of 'unsuccessful' materials – a good video editor will help to solve the problem.

In this article we will focus on the 'Video Montage' program. This software contains a set of all basic video editing tools and is easy to use. Below we will take a closer look at how to rotate a video with it and at the same time evaluate other useful functions.

Flip video in 3 steps

Before tackling the rotation of the video, you need to download the editor on the official website. The program is developed in Russian, so there will be no problems with the installation process or with the start of work. In just a couple of minutes, you will completely master the editor.

  1. Add the clip to the program. To start processing the video, you need to create a new project. To do this, use the corresponding button in the start window. Video Editing Program Then set the aspect ratio. Choose the 16: 9 option (it fits all modern monitors) or entrust the technical details to the program by clicking 'Install automatically'. Installing Video Editing Software Next, you will be taken directly to the video editor. First, you need to find the clip you want to flip in the file manager. Select the file and click 'Add'. Video Editing supports all major formats – AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV and others – so you don't have to worry about compatibility. Optionally, view the file in the built-in player to make sure it is what you were looking for. Selecting video for editing in the program
  2. Flip the video. Now let's deal with the main thing. Open the 'Edit' tab and choose 'Crop' from the suggested options. Using the arrows in the Rotate and Flip block, you can rotate the video 90 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise. Rotate video in the editor If the 'main object' of the frame is in the middle and you can 'sacrifice' the top and bottom areas, feel free to use the 'Stretch' command. In this case, the program will turn the vertical roller into a regular horizontal one. Rotate video in the program If the video editor has failed to 'crop' the image, try cropping it manually using the appropriate function. Place a selection on the desired area and save the result. Cropping video
  3. Save the result. The final stage is exporting the 'flipped' file. Click the Create tab and choose a save method. Again, it is not necessary to delve into the technical nuances – the video editing software contains all the preliminary settings, you just need to decide. You can leave the original format, or you can easily recode into any other of the proposed ones. Video saving and recording options

In addition, the software allows you to prepare videos for publishing on hosting, viewing on TV or mobile devices. Conversion usually does not take much time, so the converted file will soon be in the specified folder.

As you can see, VIDEO MONTAZH copes with video flipping with a bang, but this is not all that the software can offer. Let's take a quick look at the main options of the video program.

Quality installation in one click

'VIDEO MONTAGE' is an example of a simple editor that makes it possible to achieve good results. The main principle of the program is maximum simplification and speed in creating videos. Already at the beginning of work, you will notice that many processes are automated; it can take less than an hour to edit a real film.

To merge video tracks, just add them to the timeline, select transitions from the collection and save the result. Video transitions

The same simplicity applies to other features of the editor.

Video postcard in 5 minutes

'Video Montage' assumes a special step-by-step mode for quickly creating congratulatory videos. Crop the video track, put a postcard on it, add a caption, dub and save the result. The phrase “in 5 minutes” is rather arbitrary – most likely, you will cope much faster. Add text to video


The program makes it possible to superimpose videos on top of each other with the replacement of a monochrome background. This cinematic technology is also implemented in the editor in an extremely simple way – upload both video files, specify the background color – and voila, the magic video editing is complete. Replacing the video background

Effects creation

The program has a collection of filters. The effects are colorful tints with highlights, film grain, vignettes and other elements. They will add atmosphere and style to your video. In addition, 'Video Montage' assumes the creation of such custom filters from scratch. You can get creative! Applying special effects to videos

Color correction and stabilization

It's hard to imagine high-quality video editing without 'technical' enhancements. In 'VIDEO EDITING' you can eliminate jitter in the frame, as well as correct errors in camera settings, such as incorrect white balance and exposure. Color correction

Adding screensavers and titles

You can work out the video from the first to the last frame. Place a catchy splash screen at the beginning, and informative titles at the end. Use presets from the collection of the program or make your design by hand by overlaying text over a picture or video sequence. Adding titles to videos

As you can see, the video editing software will not only help you turn the video in the right direction, but also significantly improve the quality of the picture, add attractiveness. If you are looking for a fast and powerful editor, then here is the right tip for you – download 'Video Editing' and edit the video at your pleasure.

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