Facebook users can now delete traces of their actions outside the social network

It's no secret that the company Facebook tracks the actions of its subscribers on the Internet and collects data on visits to third-party applications and sites. The company itself explains this by the fact that it selects content that is useful to everyone. Subscribers now have the right to manage this process.

Facebook users can now delete traces of their actions outside the social network

Facebook added a new tab 'Offline Activities'

After a scandal with a company that collected information about users with an incomprehensible purpose, the social network had to save its reputation. Creator Mark Zuckerberg decided to demonstrate that he is responsible for the personal data of subscribers.

In private accounts, the 'Offline activities' tab has appeared, in the settings, in the 'Your information on Facebook' section. This is a log of a subscriber's visits to resources on the Internet – sites, applications, online stores, including mobile versions.

In order to enter the personal account of the site, online store or application, the user has 2 ways:

  • through a password and login created through an email address;
  • through an account on a social network, including Facebook.

In order for this story to be saved in your account, you just need to be a subscriber and surf the Internet. Information about the visit is transmitted by those resources with which Facebook agreed to do so, that is, its partners. The data is transmitted even if the user logs into his account on a familiar site or on any new one through a login and password, without using a social network account.

The way this information is transmitted is called the 'Business Tool' by the company itself. Facebook negotiates with a partner site and sets a special label on it – Pixel. As soon as the user performs an action with the partner, the tag is triggered and the information is recorded.

You can treat this in different ways. The company claims that it needs to know better the subscribers, their interests, in order to recommend them only useful and interesting pages. This is used in the settings of advertising campaigns: entrepreneurs send ads to specific people, based on the collected data about their interests.

The fact of collecting the data became known, and the company had to allow subscribers to manage this process. This is how the tab appeared.

View all activities outside the social network

Opening the tab, the user sees sites, mobile applications – partners Facebook, which he visited. Access to the list is protected: to open, you need to enter your password.

Here you can see which resources transmitted his activity, which means that they are partners and transmit all the information. It will be useful to know for those who do not like to advertise their activity on the Internet. The company on the same tab explains why it is needed.

A user bought a bag on the site. Partner site Facebook and passed the purchase information to him using 'business tools'. This is saved in the account, and later that person sees an ad or hot offer from that site in the feed. And so, with any action by partners, new data is added to the account. A 'portrait' of the subscriber is compiled from the history of actions.

Everyone can now decide what to do next with this story – to allow further collection or to immediately ban it.

Deleting your history

How a subscriber Facebook can manage their activity log on third-party resources:

  • download to your computer;
  • clear selectively;
  • clear completely by pressing the corresponding button;
  • prohibit recording visits for specific sites;
  • deny for any resources.

Also in this tab you can see the history of actions in your personal account: publications, mentions, friends, creating groups, events and more.

You can also delete the entire account. However, there is no certainty that complete information is being deleted. Also, it is not certain that Facebook demonstrates everything it knows about subscribers. But the very fact that the action log is open and manageable is already a step forward.

So, one thing becomes clear – resources one way or another collect information about users, and soon it will be possible to accurately determine a person's identity based on Internet activity.

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