Extending wireless signal coverage

How to connect a second Wi-Fi router if one does not cover the entire area?


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Hello Yuri!

Cascading essentially means connecting two routers together with a 'LAN-LAN' or 'LAN-WAN' cable connection.

In your case, it is the wireless signal that does not cover the required area, cable connection is not the best way out.

The best option would be to make the second router look like a repeater.

To do this, you need to do:

1. Connect the first router and set up a wireless network on it.

2. Install the second router in close proximity to an uncovered area.

3. Log into the web interface of the router 2.

4. Further actions will depend on the technical equipment of your equipment:

a) if the 'WDS' technology is supported – this is a technology for expanding the coverage area by combining several access points into a single network, then you will need to configure these parameters:

  • Open your wireless network settings, for example it could be the 'Wireless Settings' section.

  • Find the 'Enabled WDS Brinding' line and check the box.

  • A new section of settings will open.

  • You need to find the line 'Search', 'Search' or 'Survey', after clicking on it a list of active access points will appear.

  • Click on yours configured on Router 1 and select 'Connect'.

b) 'WDS' technology is not supported (which is currently unlikely). All that needs to be done is to configure a wireless network on the second router with the same parameters that are already configured on router 1 – the same name (SSID), password, channel used, encryption method, authentication type, etc.

Using the first or second setting method, you can achieve significant gains in the covered area of ​​the wireless signal.

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